Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coca-Cola’s Counters SodaStream with Press Release

Top online reputation management company,  Centel Media™ offers their clients press release services to assist them in furthering their business. Coca Cola, the biggest beverage maker recognizes the importance ofs press releases as well as they announced one of their most innovative projects to date, via press release.

 Coca Cola, the biggest beverage company in the world announced via press release that they will be entering the rapidly growing at-home market. On Wednesday, Coca Cola bought 10 percent in “Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.” 

The power move is a result of the competitive decisions and marketing made by their Israeli competition “SodaStream”. SodaStream has been attempting to make their at-home carbonation machines a regular household and environmentally friendly product, but Coca Cola isn’t letting this consumer-base go easy. SodaStream machines are only in about 1 percent of U.S. homes, but Coca Cola’s press release has sent their rival’s stock plummeting even lower.

Coca Cola’s press release found itself on all the major news distributing sites, channels and articles. After millions of people viewed SodaStream’s super bowl ad, creating that press release was one of the best moves Coca-Cola could’ve made. This is a great example as to why the top online reputation management company,  Centel Media™ offers their clients press release services. Press releases do a great job of strengthening your company’s position in its market because they are created to inform the public about a particular product or service. Not utilizing press releases can leave your company vulnerable to the attacks of negative articles written by random individuals who have no authority to represent your business.

Coca Cola clearly recognized the fact that there is a lot of competition in the world and people who are willing to post anything negative about your business to secure their spot. Press releases as well as other articles written by professional sources are usually one of the first links that clients click on when searching a business and  Centel Media™ wants to make their clients aware of that too. Press releases normally are used for two purposes which is to suppress negative material written about your business or product and to promote your product or services to potential and existing customers.

The promotion that press releases offer the public is beneficial because it helps gather potential customers and keeps the old ones in the loop. This was exactly what Coca Cola accomplished and what Centel Media™ promises to do for their clients.  Centel Media™ team of professionals flood search engines with press releases customized and specifically created for your business with the intent of giving your business the best opportunity to succeed.

Tia’Lavon Butler,
Creative Writer,
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