Monday, February 17, 2014

Drunk Teen Driver Gets No Jail Time

A drunk Texas teen driver receives no jail time despite killing four people, and the media and community responds with intense public outcry at his lack of punishment.

Recently, a tragedy has rekindled public outcry after a young drunk driver received no jail time for his actions, which resulted in the death of four people and seriously injuring two others.  This Texan teen, with a blood alcohol three times the legal limit of an adult, drove his truck off the side off the road.  Because of his lack of serious punishment, both the judge and the teen in this case have suffered from an intense media backlash, and could benefit from reputation management services.   Centel Media™, a top online reputation management company, offers services such as Negative Article Suppression.  This would help anybody negatively affected by the outcome of this case and control the amount of negative information out there on the internet.

The reason this case has caught so much attention was that the public found his defense deplorable.  The word “affluenza” was used; the teen came from an affluent family and was taught that his wealth could get him out of any situation, and he would never have to deal with the consequences of his behaviors.  Without knowledge of all facts in this case, it is hard to come to a logical conclusion without emotions getting in the way. Either way, the media has had a field day blowing up information to justify how they feel about the boy’s punishment.

According to multiple sources, not only did the teen appear to be have no remorse over the incident, but he got off with a relatively low punishment. He was sent to an expensive rehab facility and will spend the next ten years on probation. It is understandable that the public outcry at this meager punishment, considering he ended the lives of four people and damaged countless more. This is not counting the immeasurable sorrow of the family and friends of the poor victims who were killed.  

There is a reason this case has incited so much passion and anger from people; it is not a black and white case. There is no easy or correct answer, but one thing we can count on is the fact that the media is enjoying the drama.  Of all the times to consider an online management reputation company, this is one of them.  The shadows of this case will follow the individuals involved  for the rest of their lives .Centel Media™ can help.

Renee Miller,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,

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