Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why Subtract When You Can Ad More?

Centel Media
Facebook executives released plans expressing the addition of a variety of advertisements to the site. However, there aren’t any plans to actually increase the overall number of advertisements on the website. Chief Financial Officer, David Ebersman released a statement saying “If we can get ads that are better targeted, higher quality, more relevant, we can bring more value to customers and do so in a way that really contributes to the user experience. Our aspiration here is for the ads to be as engaging as the organic content you find shared by your friends.”  Proper advertisement can improve online presence, website traffic, prospective clientele and etc.

Facebook, which was recently rumored to be in a major decline has actually reported an increase in profits and sales earlier this week. Advertisements are normally always a major source of revenue for companies. Centel Media™, the top online reputation management company helps their clients benefit from all that proper advertisements has to offer with their Google AdWords optimization service. This service allows employees at Centel Media to create AdWord campaigns for you or your company and ensure that your voice is not lost among the crowd. These particular ads will be especially tailored to your company or brand and best suited to gain you the broadest amount of possible clientele.

Google AdWords are keywords that people type in when searching information online. The websites that are brought up on the search results page because of these keywords are ads that Centel Media helps their clients benefit from. Our writers and skilled technical experts are trained and extremely knowledgeable on the subject of advertising which would allow them to be the perfect team to handle the exposure of your company. First and foremost Centel Media employees brainstorm with their clients to find the perfect keywords that they want to be linked to their website. Next, the Google AdWords service allows the experts to keep track of the average amount of time that you or your company appear in the search results online. Our ad service also allows Centel Media to monitor your page rank which will help them modify any aspect of the advertisement that may not be providing the client with the amount of exposure that they want or need to fulfil the potential that the Internet provides.

Tia’Lavon Butler,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,

Centel Media

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