Friday, February 21, 2014

Paula Deen Scores Investment Deal

Paula Deen shows her continuing success by securing a $100 million dollar backing of her new company, Paula Deen Ventures.  Deen shows that anyone can come back from a damaged reputation by handling things the correct way.

Remember Paula Deen, the jolly southern Mrs. Claus-look-alike?   Deen, famous for her delicious but fat-ridden and extremely unhealthy meals, revealed that she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three years ago.  People were offended at her continuing support of unhealthy foods to the public, despite her own health issues. Deen was instantly publicly shunned and ridiculed, and subsequently lost her show on the Food Network and millions in endorsement deals.  Despite these setbacks,  Paula Deen has managed to show the world that she can come back from this reputation disaster.  Online reputation managment companies like  Centel Media™ offer a plethora of services such as Press Releases and Negative Article Suppression which could help Deen from falling back down into a negative reputation spiral.

For Paula, her reputation was damaged by the fact that she was secretly battling health scares directly related to eating unhealthy foods. This was not good news for a cook whose claim to fame includes creating a donut burger. To make it even worse,  Deen was a paid spokeswoman for a drug company that sold insulin and only revealed her disease when she was able to profit from it. People saw her actions as devious and deceitful.

Recently, Paula has appeared in the news as she has garnered a $75 to $100 million dollar investment into her new company, Paula Deen Ventures.  She has also has immediate plans to open a store in Buffalo, New York. Not to mention her magazine is enjoying immense success. While Deen lost millions in endorsements after her notorious screw-ups, she doesn’t seem to have let it hold her back.  She has 1.21 million twitter followers, and thousands of likes on her Facebook page.

Her tactics and business skills have proven that she is much more than a successful brand.   While Paula Deen has managed to keep going despite the horrendous media scrutiny she has suffered, it is important to remember that online reputation management is a continuous process.  She of all people should know the fickle, frail world of reputation can change instantly. Everyone, especially those in the public eye, should take note of how Paula hasn’t let her public relation disaster get her down. She continued on with determination and hard work; she has proven that it is possible to recover from even the worst of reputations.

Renee Miller,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,
Centel Media

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