Friday, March 28, 2014

Chris Brown Rehabilitating Reputation

Chris Brown has made the news once again by being ordered to stay in rehab for two more months. Negative articles not only plague his image but the image of others and their businesses as well. Top online reputation management company, Centel Media™ offers their clients negative article suppression services to repair their image.  

Lately, singer Chris Brown has found himself in the news for just about everything but his career. The entertainer has recently been ordered by a Los Angeles judge to spend another two months in the anger management and drug rehab program that he initially entered three months ago.  Even though a luxury rehab center in Malibu is better than the central jail, Mr. Brown was visibly upset with the verdict. However, he managed to keep his composure in the courtroom by closing his eyes and meditating once the judge made his ruling. Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos, made a great effort in the singer’s defense by having the director of the rehab program as well as Brown’s probation officer testify on his behalf.

The director of Brown’s rehab program submitted a letter to the court which said "Mr. Brown is able to use behavioral strategies to manage acting out on impulses. Mr. Brown is teaming relaxation exercises that will reduce consequent impulsive behaviors." The letter also acknowledged that the entertainer was suffering from a severe case of insomnia which had now been stabilized. Brown’s probation officer wrote a statement saying that the young man appreciated what he had learned in the rehabilitation facility and looked forward to staying out of trouble. Even Chris Brown’s mother sat in his corner which may have been a shocker to some since just months ago he shattered her car window by throwing a rock through it.  Chris Brown’s legal nightmare began five years ago after the domestic dispute that took place between him and his now ex-girlfriend Rihanna, in a rented Lamborghini on Hollywood Street.

No matter how far you may have come when you have the attention of a mass amount of people negative articles and media attention seems unavoidable. Building a reputation or brand for a person or company takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Having all of that destroyed due to a few negative articles and the lack of action taken against them is very unfortunate.  Top online reputation management company Centel Media™ offers clients a proactive method to help them protect their online reputation. Negative article suppression is a service that Centel Media™ offers those clients whose search engine results are plagued by negative articles.

This type of incident happens to every company or public figure but everyone should have the right to control their image. Centel Media™ staff of creative writers will write as many articles necessary to promote the positivity that your online presence needs. Our team of online reputation professionals understand the inner workings Google and how to make sure important articles are first on the search engine’s results. The first thing that should appear when someone searches you or your company is the official website instead of scandals or negative attention. Centel Media™ specializes in rehabilitating your online presence and this can be initiated by our negative article suppression services.

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