Thursday, March 6, 2014

Michael Sam: Undeserved Negative Attention

Football player, Michael Sam’s announcement regarding his sexuality has ignited thousands of reviews online both positive and negative. Top online reputation management company,  Centel Media™ offers clients negative review suppression services to help rid them of negative search results.

Michael Sam has become a household name overnight when the former Missouri defensive lineman announced that he is in fact a gay man. Sam spoke publicly for the first about his sexuality to both ESPN and The New York Times. The All-American lineman is eligible for the 2014 NFL draft on Thursday, May 8th which has heightened the talk surrounding the scandal. No athlete in the history of sports has ever made such an announcement right before an attempt to be picked up by a team in the NFL draft. Michael Sam’s own father didn’t have such a great initial reaction to his sons bombshell news, even though he recently claimed to have had his words taken out of context.
Should he have even announced it? Why did he have to announce it now? Was it a strategic move to get attention before the draft? Is this too much drama for any contending team to want to take part in. All of these questions (among others that are much worse) have filled online search results regarding Michael Sam. This small piece of information has succeeded in taking the public’s attention away from what it should be on, which is his talent and capability to play the game.
People usually write negative reviews online in an irrational state of mind but attacking someone like this is also the easiest way to generate traffic to someone else’s website or business. Nobody or business is perfect and there isn’t a bullet proof plan to completely eliminate negative reviews online but unnecessary reviews causes an immense amount of damage. Top online reputation management company,  Centel Media™ is a company that is dedicated to assisting their clients in portraying the truth about their business or brand online.  Centel Media™ offers services such as negative review suppression to help their clients gain control over their presence online which is exactly what someone in Michael Sam’s situation needs.  Centel Media™ large team of professionals collaborates with the client and create a massive amount of truthful and positive reviews on the Internet.
Clients of  Centel Media™ can rest knowing that these reviews aren’t biased because they come from not only their own employees but their customer and fans as well. Once completed, the reviews will be posted on a list of specific and important sites in order to suppress the negative ones.  Centel Media™ restores balance that the media sometimes takes away from people like Michael Sam.

Tia’Lavon Butler,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,
 Centel Media™     

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