Friday, March 7, 2014

Netflix Deals With Consumer Frustrations

Netflix has received their best consumer satisfaction rating in three years. Feedback from customers is extremely important. Online reputation management company Centel Media™ offers their clients negative review suppression services as a way to help them fully utilize the benefits (and not the negatives) of customer reviews.

            Netflix, the American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media should be very proud of itself. The company took a major hit in the customer satisfaction department in 2011 due to its increase in fees but it has recently found its way to a miraculous comeback. On Wednesday, The American Customer Satisfaction Index registered the company’s total score as the biggest yearly increase compared to rival online retailers. This research was compiled by using a survey that was taken by tens of thousands of consumers. The American Customer Satisfaction Index, or ACSI as it is usually called, look at the customer opinions of over 230 American companies.
Netflix’s previous score in 2012 from ACSI was a modest 75. In one year, Netflix’s score bumped up 4% making their total score a solid 79. A 79 may seem like a small victory from last year but it compared brilliantly next to the decline in the competition. Ebay, Overstock, and Netflix are all placed together in an online retailer category even though they differ in products. Both Ebay and Overstock suffered an overall decline in their customer satisfaction rating which allowed Netflix and their score of 79 to shine victoriously.
The founder of ACSI, Claes Fornell said he feels that the decline of the customer satisfaction ratings for both Ebay and Overstock, originate from the frustration customers displayed regarding delayed last-minute holiday presents. Due to the booming popularity of online shopping, customers reviews are more important than ever. The Internet has raised the level of competition completely. Many consumers research a business before deciding whether or not to purchase a product from them. It’s impossible to please everyone but having good customer reviews can do wonders for a business’s online reputation.
Top online reputationmanagement company Centel Media™ focuses on the development of their client’s online reputation which is why they offer negative review suppression services. Even though consumer reviews are important to any business owner they are often taken for granted by the person posting it. Negative reviews are usually written in the heat of the moment and often consumers aren’t even aware of how much they’re stretching the truth or how much they are harming a business owner and his or her employees. For businesses, when reading negative consumer reviews it’s always a good idea to consider who is wrote them because most of the time there is an extremely biased outlook from these commentators. Leaving negative reviews is the easiest way to purposely slander the competition.
Vengeful employees and members of a business’s competition often leave negative reviews as well. Centel Media™ employees create a large amount of positive reviews and post them on popular sites such as Merchant Circle and Yelp. The reviews created by these professionals are also unbiased because they come from not only the client but their employees and customers as well. Centel Media™ takes their job of retrieving as many positive reviews for their clients very seriously.          

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