Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Media Frenzy of a Mad Housecat

Negative media coverage has befell a family and their crazed cat. It has become the center of social media attention. Centel Media™ can help you deal with the scrutiny.

You won’t believe the trending news story of the week; a family called 911 after their “crazed” housecat trapped them in a room. Before you laugh, consider the details.  Apparently, a 22-pound Himalayan house cat attacked the couple’s 7-month old baby and then went mad after his owner kicked him.   Centel Media™, a top online reputation management company, offers many services that would be beneficial to families who have come in contact with such a sudden media obsession with an odd family emergency. Anyone battling a sudden media frenzy over an odd situation should consider both Centel Media™ Press Release service and Negative Article Suppression.

Lee Palmer, the owner of the Himalayan cat, says he kicked the cat as he was trying to defend his son and the cat went ballistic, trapping the family in a bedroom.  This story is so far-fetched and lighthearted after the influx of depressing news that social media has grabbed ahold and “shared” it into everyone’s social media feed. This story is important because it magnifies the importance of the impact of online reputation management has on a normal family.

Left with no other choice, the Palmers called 911 to ask for help with their crazed house cat. People must wonder if the family has gone mad. How dangerous can a 22-pound cat be? Why not just leave the room and run for help? While people tend to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, don’t forget unless you have come in contact with such an animal, it is impossible to understand.   Especially when you consider that the family was protecting their firstborn child. Children come first and cats second, no matter how loved and adored this cat was.  

Centel Media™ Press Release service would enable the family to let the public know the true details of their story in a controlled, professional manner. This is a key component to managing online reputation and pushes down any negative articles that appear in google search results.  

Negative Article Suppression is also an essential component to maintain a positive online reputation.  The case of the mad housecat, while hilarious, is bound to stir passion and outrage among cat lovers due to the the judgemental nature of social media.  Negative Article Suppression doesn’t remove negative articles found on the web, it simply pushes them further down search results and hopefully off the first page.

The Palmer’s situation was handled when police arrived at the Oregon home and were able to safely catch the cat.  The Palmer’s were given the option to get rid of the cat but decided to keep it and send it to therapy.  As for the baby, he has only suffered a scratch on his forehead. The Palmer’s valiant effort to continue to care of the cat and send it to therapy prevented more media scrutiny. Way to go, Palmer family.

We should all learn from the absurdity of the Palmer’s 911 call; do not ever be afraid to ask for help, especially from Centel Media™ and our ORM services, because people will be there no matter how odd the situation.

Renee Miller,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,

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