Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Mystery of the Flight 370 Disaster

Malaysia Airlines has lost their plane; completely unprecedented in aviation history. Press Releases can help alleviate pressure on the airline company.

It’s not often that the world is completely baffled by a current-day mystery.  Nearly two weeks ago, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared somewhere over Southeast Asia, leaving the families and friends of all 369 passengers on board in an emotional purgatory. There has been a constant influx of theories as to what happened, from the obvious plane malfunction to terrorism.  Despite the lack of evidence, the media has been desperately forming theories and anybody involved has been the subject of front page news.  Centel Media™, a top online reputation company, offers services that would help those affected by the situation to maintain their image. It would be beneficial for anybody involved to use the Press Release service, as the families of anybody on the plane would be able to control the information the media receives as this mystery unravels.

Two of the passengers aboard the plane had been using stolen passports, supporting the theory of a possible hijacking or some type of foul play.  No distress signal was sent from the plane; perhaps they didn’t have a chance to send one. Whatever happened, it happened quickly.   

The two pilots of the plane have also been investigated, as one or both of them could have been involved.  The Captain, fifty-year old Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has flown over 18,000 flight hours and is also a flight instructor. The younger pilot, 1st officer Fariq Ab Hamid, had over 2,000 flight hours experience and had just begun flying with a Boeing 777. Whoever diverted the plane was somebody with extensive plane experience. In addition to the pilots, one passenger was found to be a civil aviation engineer. Again, there is no solid evidence to prove any of these people are involved.

According to new evidence the plane could have flown for up to five hours after disappearing off radar, and even possibly (but extremely unlikely) have landed on a remote island.  The plane, a Boeing 777, kept pinging satellites after communication lines were cut, so the possibility that it kept flying is one of the more substantiated claims.  Hopefully, these pings and other clues will enable the plane to be tracked down.

The details are sketchy and all theories have fairly circumstantial evidence to back them up.  Thus the media’s attention on anything that may prove informative and in the process they may have hurt many people. Centel Media™ Press Releases can be used to give information to the public while still protecting the integrity of the families and friends of those who have been targeted by the media’s investigation. In the end, hopefully the plane will be found and the mystery solved so all can begin the healing process.

Renee Miller,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,

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