Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creating Footers For Your Online Pages

Creating a website is not an easy task, that is why you should do a considerable amount of research beforehand. Important content, images, are all examples of the many factors that need to be closely watched. Footers though are also very important, and is often ignored by many people. When designing a web page you want people to visit your site often, and the footer can have a major impact on that. A footer is located at the bottom of the page and it serves to either give valuable information such as the location of your business, phone number, email subscriptions, etc. Even though it is not as noticeable as say the images you have on your website, the readers eyes usually scrolls down to the bottom of the page. A site map would be very helpful in to put in a footer if you are looking for advanced functions to help navigate readers through your site. For example, if your visitor wants to subscribe their email to your business then he/she can just click on a link that will direct him/her to that. If a particular person would like to read your blogs, read other valuable information, your footer should be able to satisfy those needs. Content information as indicated above is extremely important. The more the better traffic flow you will have towards your website. That is why a footer is important, it could lead to other pages containing more information that is not on the first page of your website. Lastly, a search bar may be another tool that you might want to include in the footer. This will be extremely helpful for your visitor, because if he/she does not find the information that he/she is looking it could be typed in and searched for. This is very convenient because the last thing you want is a frustrated visitor that was not able to look for the information he/she was looking for in a timely manner, and this may cause for them to not return, earn a negative review, and losing business. In conclusion, a footnote should never be ignored because it could do wonders for your business as you will have more visitors coming to visit your website, and for your reputation as an entrepreneur.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Claim Ownership!

Plagiarizing on the internet is a common problem people must face, and that is why you must take authority and claim ownership of your work. This is a very hard task to accomplish because there is no way to claim ownership of the things that you post online unless there is a signature that goes along with it. It is not enough to say that a certain post pertains to you unless you can show an actual signature that goes along with it. It is extremely easy for someone to copy and paste your work and claim as their own. There is a remedy you can take in order to fight plagiarism, and it is connected with Google. As certain blogs have mentioned before, you should first consider to make a Google+ account because it helps build connections along with building up your online reputation. Google+ has Google Authority collaborated with it in order to help claim authority over things that you post on the internet. Not only are you protecting your work so that no one else can repost it, but it will build your popularity as an author and earn credibility. Google Authority lets you put an electronic signature applied to any work that you post on the internet, and this is the best method out there right now to protect your work for plagiarism. Lastly, once your work is authorized and you are recognized as an author your online reputation improves while at the same time getting higher page rankings. This method should be a no brainer because who does not want to be appreciated being recognized for their work. Whether you are a blogger or any type of professional you should take all the tools that are out there in order to protect yourself from unwanted disasters. The worst feeling as an author of something great is for you to be plagiarized and not given the credit you deserve because you did not take the proper measures. Higher rankings on Google and getting positive online reputation is what you aim for when you are trying to appeal customers to your business, and getting those positive reviews and remarks when it comes to describing. Do not lose and edge when it comes to your online reputation.
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Pinterest: the Newest Social Media Phase

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As many already know, there are different social media accounts that are necessary to take part of in order to take advantage of all the tools that can benefit business. However, the newest social media tool that has come about is Pinterest. Pinterest lets users channel traffic to their blogs, giving connected websites more publicity. 

Publicity is obviously something everyone would want for their business, because it helps gain customers and earn a positive reputation. Adding pictures from a blog into Pinterest is a good way to make an impact and attract customers. Users should only be adding pictures that are relevant to your business and that are unique.

Pictures that are unique are the ones that get pinned. Common or boring pictures do not make the same impact on the page. While applying the pictures to Pinterest, remember to apply the option to "pin it." This way all information will be shared with others so that each user can continue attracting people to his or her page and channel the traffic of people towards a main site.

How do users get people to pin their images? Simple, ask them to. This results in a greater traffic flow of people towards blogs and webpages. Inserting a URL that is unique and applying to the images or blogs on the user's page is another great example of how to generate more flow. The most important thing to remember is to take advantage of the social media tools that are out there. Business owners want to make themselves noticeable and presentable, but at the same time, professional.

Maintaining a hack free account is also very important to remember, because even though social media accounts and tools help build an online reputation, they could also destroy them. Business owners and individuals must maintain and protect their online reputations and make sure to take all precautions. Centel Media™ helps clients maintain their online reputations, and therefore, business owners should consider hiring a online reputation management company in order to sustain an positive image online. So many things can go wrong when it comes to the internet in today's technological world and users should make sure they take the right steps from preventing that from happening, or at the very least, fix the issues at hand.

Spread the Word

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
How fast does word travel? Do we even know how something that happened in our home country could end up being front page news in a country we have to travel over an ocean to get to? There are several ways that this happens and given today's technology one might want to be careful and stay on the front pages for good reasons.

Word never traveled this fast twenty five years ago, if you wanted to know what was going in China or England you had to wait for the next morning's paper or morning news. But that is not the case in today’s 24/7 all access world we live in, I can get alerts sent to my phone that lets me know what is happening in all parts of the globe. While at times something like this can be an information overload it can be very beneficial to those who play their cards right and use it to their advantage. As a business owner you should take note of how to spread the word about your brand and when you finally have enough information, proceed with full force. Create a foundation for you self that is going to start in your domestic country but eventually is going to spread globally. The advantage you have of taking note is you get to see what not to do so you don't make the same mistakes that were made before you. Yes you will miscalculate on some things and you will mess up here and there but you don't want to commit major cultural violations that threatens your relationship with the customers in their country. A cultural mix up can have a damaging effect on your brand and yes the word will be spread but it won't be positive at all. We all know that sometimes the bad word can spread quicker than the positive word and you will find yourself doing major damage control trying to salvage whatever is left of your business in that country.

When you come across a problem like this it is in your best interest to hire and experienced firm who can help restore your good name. Centel Media™ can help with restoring your name online as well along with Centel Media™. It is important that you are able to repair your reputation the proper way because any misstep can set you back further than you were before. Centel Media™ will ensure that going forward anything said about your business will be in the most positive light possible.

We all want our businesses to be on everyone’s lips but you must make sure that nothing but positive things are being said about you. Word travels fast and you should make sure you are staying on the positive side of them.

So Many Profiles

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
The Social Media boom that we are now experiencing has introduced us to more than a few Social Media networks, which have allowed us to connect and reconnect but are you really being yourself on all of those profiles.

It seems like every day we are being introduced to a new entrepreneur who has founded the latest and greatest Social Media site that is going to change the world as we know it. We can add that one to the list of the dominate networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just to name a few who are firmly entrenched and have a strong presence in their respective sectors. But is an influx of all these different Social Media sites what we need, more importantly are these profiles really who the person is or just one of ten different profiles that they have thanks to the world of Social Media. Now of course your Social Media profile is not going to be the same as you are in person, there is a difference but it should not be so different that you are totally unrecognizable. One must always take into account who looks at these sites it's no longer just friends, family or your crush from High School chemistry class. You now have employers in all sectors that are taking a look at your profile whether you like it or not. Like I previously stated when you have so many different profiles and on each of them it contains different "personalities" of yours you are going to have a hard time convincing an employer to take a chance and hire you. Reason being is they do not know who they are getting. On Facebook your one person then on Twitter you're this person and on Instagram you post questionable pictures, you get what I am trying to say.

It shouldn't come as a surprise when you find that you are constantly being rejected for great jobs, you may have all the credentials but your online life is diminishing your brand. What we see online about you is going to be who we automatically assume you are in person. If your profile shows you like to have fun and a good time but doesn't go overboard you will find that you will have no trouble in getting any type of job because you are simply being yourself. But for those who have multiple profile personalities if you don't change that you are going to be very unhappy with the choices you are left with.

Repair We All Can Use

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
The bigger things tend to get all the attention which is understandable but we cannot overlook the smaller things as they can build up and become big themselves.

Overshadowing what you think is not important can turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make in your life. You should always take into account any previous negative image or rep that you might have and make sure you can repair it. I say this because many people have tried to leave their past behind them only to find it come back and haunt them at the very worst time imaginable. For example say you are thinking about opening your own business and are in the last steps of finishing up the process and you are days away from the grand opening, there is a lot of hype surrounding your business and the interest is continuing to grow. But suddenly you find out that something you have done in your past has been dug up and now instead of people talking about your business they are now talking about your shady past. This can hurt you on many levels, it's obviously going to hurt your business of course but it gets deeper than that. What about the investors that have helped you whether it was monetary or just with setting everything up, they most likely will feel betrayed that you did not have enough courage to let them know about your previous conviction or whatever nefarious activities you were in to. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you are most likely going to lose a majority if not all of your investors and rightfully so if you are investing in someone’s business you as the investor should want to know if there is anything that might ruin or destroy that business and take your investment down with it.

Believe it or not all is not lost and you do have a chance to make up and most importantly repair your damaged reputation. After all even if you never open a business you still want to have a clean profile when you are searched by a potential employer or even a love interest. Reputation Management firms such as Centel Media™ can help you repair your online profile. Centel Media™ helps repair your reputation on Social Media as well which is something cannot be overlooked because of its presence and the impact it has on today's society. So you may have made a few mistakes in your past, you realize that they won't go away but you don't want that to be the image that people have of you when your name pops up on Google or Bing. Hiring a Reputation Management firm can help restore your name and move you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Keeping Things Organic is the Best Way to Go

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
The term organic is a very positive and self-satisfying word. When it comes to edibles, it means that it was grown naturally without any chemicals or pesticides added to it. Applying to websites, organic means not using sketchy or questionable methods to get better rankings on the internet. When you are building up a domain or just your own professional name you want to do things the right way. Writing blogs, using key words, is the best way to approach it.

The way you structure your domain is very important as well because you want to present information that is valuable, and at the same time contain links that are easy to access. When using keywords remember not to use it excessively because Google flags such activity. Use relevant keywords and put them in important places, such as the content headings. Social media, once again is very much relevant to keeping things organic as well. You are trying to build your online reputation and building connects, writing blogs on the social media account are all crucial in the building process.

Hiring a onlinereputation management group such Centel Media™ will do wonders for your business. Centel Media™ helps pushing those negative comments further down the Google search pages in order for the positive reviews and remarks to come up first, and does the organic way as described above. It cannot be stressed enough that doing this by yourself is possible but it is extremely time consuming and not too much very stressful. As a business you have many things to worry about, but it is highly recommended that you consider hiring an online reputation management group in order to help with these type of situations.

You do not want to make the wrong mistake and dismantle your business when it could have been dealt with in a proper manner. Building your reputation organically will help you in the long run. Skeptical or questionable acts will only catch up with you because certain things such as using excessive keywords only harm your reputation. Remember it's always best to do anything in life correctly and effectively then taking short cuts. Centel Media™ will make sure to take care of your online reputation the right way, and that is why we take our time dedicating in making your online reputation the best that it could be.