Thursday, June 20, 2013

Preventive Measures

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It is never too early to protect your business by consulting with a strong Reputation Management firm. After all, you worked hard to build it from the ground up and investing in a just in case emergency plan would be a wise choice to make.

Don't you hate when you are just finished buying an expensive piece of electronics such as a TV or something and after the total price is added up the associate has the nerve to suggest you buy insurance for it as well? Just boils your blood, doesn't it? I mean, what do they think you are going to balance the TV on your head instead of watching it? But by them offering you insurance is a way of them allowing you to take preventative measures just in case something happens to your TV. If you drop it, bang it against the wall or the movers decide to see how fast the TV can slide down a flight of stairs. Insurance for your TV is equivalent to ReputationManagement for your brand before you gain a negative reputation. As a business owner I’m sure you are not anxiously waiting for the day that you find out that you have a negative reputation at least I hope you aren't, there are more important things for you to be doing like running your business but I digress. But in the event that you do happen to develop a negative reputation for whatever reason hopefully it’s just some unsatisfied customers, if you already contacted a Reputation Management firm beforehand this could save you a lot of time and surprisingly you might still be able to keep making a profit.

I would recommend taking this precaution for many reasons but my opinion is not important I can only hope it helps persuade you to make the decision. But as a business owner you must be responsible for your business, you have fire insurance, water damage and theft. Those are common and you would be a fool not to have that in your store. But what about your business online how protected is your brand is it insured. It is definitely something to think about. Centel Media™ is just the right onlineReputation Management firm to handle your brands online profile. It takes experience and quality product to ensure that your company will be safe from any type of negative reputation.

Investing to protect your company’s reputation is going to be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It’s like insurance that you would not mind paying for.

Somebody's Watching Me

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
Ever get the feeling you were being watched? No seriously have you gone online to either your Social Media account or did a quick glance of your online bank statement and notice that something isn't right. Scary yes but it's becoming a reality today as more and more people fall victim to identity theft.

When you set your to profile private people can only become friends with you at your own discretion, this is a good way to attempt to weed out the crazies - or so you think. How well do you think you still know your High School BFF or someone you roomed with in college 10 years ago? The answer for that is going to vary, of course, but what will not vary is if you accept a friend or someone posing to be a friend without really knowing if it is really them. People impersonating some other person is a tactic that even law enforcement uses on certain occasions but that is to catch the bad guy, in this instance the person who you think is your friend is the bad person because, as it turns out, they are not really your friend. You read it all the time people go online and steal others pictures and claim them as their own or they have the audacity to create a new life using another person's information. Very sickening and the fact that they can access even your most personal information begs to ask the question - how private are these profiles and accounts? Being that we live in a more technologically advanced world than we did 20 years ago we can find that our lives and reputations can be destroyed online before it even affects us in person.

It is more important than ever to make sure you are monitoring who you allow access to your Social Media account because that same person you have just connected with may be the same person to try and create another profile using your information and pictures. Since we are in an age where there is a lot of online activity you must now take into account you have an online profile and in fact before you meet someone face to face this your stand in representative. You now have to make sure your profile online is clear of any fraud or damaging information that can affect you from either getting a job or perhaps a potential love interest. If you should ever find that you need Reputation Management then you should proceed with looking for professional service in that area.  Centel Media™ is a great firm to get help from as they will not only work to clean your reputation but also make sure it stays clean. You now have two profiles to guard, personal and online neither one is more important than the other but if you are not careful they can both take each other down.

Always be cognizant of who you are reconnecting with because how they were when you played in the sandbox together may not be the same person today. 

Social Media Pros and Cons

As other blogs have mentioned, having social media accounts to promote your business are very beneficial for your business if you use them in the right way. As a business person, letting your employees use social media accounts while working can be very beneficial because it may lead to sharing certain thoughts which can lead to creative ideas. It can also be very detrimental if you do not impose the right restrictions on your employees. There is a lot of confidential and private information you do not want to be leaked out on a socialmedia site. Information that may be able to be viewed by anybody on the web because it is a very open community. The very last thing that you want is a disgruntled employee posting negative comments about your business or their bosses, or posting unacceptable images that only harm your reputation. Once again, the concept of online reputation ties to almost everything that is done on the internet, and is why hiring an online reputation company such as Centel Media™ will only do wonders for your business.

Centel Media™ helps with maintaining your online reputation by making sure your name is not tainted within Google. Posting positive reviews and suppressing the negative ones is the best way to go about this. The number one rule is a business should be gaining profit, because without it there is no business. Do not let the risks of your employees using social media accounts scare you, just impose strict guidelines. Understand the risks of what may come if not dealt properly and explain these to your employees. A social policy is a necessary act in order to for these restrictions to be imposed, and keep employees’ activities in order. Another method could be to use BrandProtect's S.M.A.R.T. tool, which is a program that records anything that is said about you through social media so that you can control your reputation and not have it damaged. Taking these steps is much recommended because as mentioned before social media accounts can be very beneficial. A positive atmosphere is very important in the workplace, but you must take precautions to maintain order and to protect your online reputation. Remember, do not be scared about certain risks, you have to take some in order to prosper as a business.

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports

Remember Me...Please

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
We choose to remember not only what we want to but names that are catchy to us and pop up in our heads at the weirdest times.

A name that is easy to remember is a name that is going to last forever in the minds of everyone. The reason is it closely relates to some of the things we do on a daily basis so like clockwork we can pull the names out just as easy as we can remember our birthday. As a business owner starting a business online it is important that you create a domain name that is going to be remembered by customers all over. There are several key components that go into creating a unique and creative domain name. For one the domain name should be catchy and have the ability to attract any and everybody. Even if they are not buying anything and do not have the slightest interest in your product, the domain name peaks their interest enough for them to visit your website. Another component is making sure the domain name has something to do with the business you are in; if you sell chainsaws your domain name should have some sort of relation to chainsaws. By having a misleading name you are doing a disservice to yourself. Yes, consumers will remember your domain name - but for the wrong reason. It’s the site that sells chainsaws but mentions flowers or some other non-chainsaw related item. Also your domain name shouldn't be so long that it can't be remembered at all, it can have the two components I previously mentioned but if it’s too long then you are working against all the other criteria.

So you have chosen a domain name that is catchy and relates to your business but you still are unsure how people will take to it and if can attract enough people to your website. If you ever find yourself in this predicament your next move should be to find a professional company that has experience in getting the most out of domain name creationCentel Media™ does a great job of making sure that you are given a creative domain name that will be sure to stand out and keep your site flooded with hits. A good domain name is the first step to online business success and can tell a lot about your brand before we even click on your site.

Your domain name can paint the picture of success or one of failure. The domain name you pick introduces your customers to your online business and if done right should introduce even more to you.

Creating Footers For Your Online Pages

Creating a website is not an easy task, that is why you should do a considerable amount of research beforehand. Important content, images, are all examples of the many factors that need to be closely watched. Footers though are also very important, and is often ignored by many people. When designing a web page you want people to visit your site often, and the footer can have a major impact on that. A footer is located at the bottom of the page and it serves to either give valuable information such as the location of your business, phone number, email subscriptions, etc. Even though it is not as noticeable as say the images you have on your website, the readers eyes usually scrolls down to the bottom of the page. A site map would be very helpful in to put in a footer if you are looking for advanced functions to help navigate readers through your site. For example, if your visitor wants to subscribe their email to your business then he/she can just click on a link that will direct him/her to that. If a particular person would like to read your blogs, read other valuable information, your footer should be able to satisfy those needs. Content information as indicated above is extremely important. The more the better traffic flow you will have towards your website. That is why a footer is important, it could lead to other pages containing more information that is not on the first page of your website. Lastly, a search bar may be another tool that you might want to include in the footer. This will be extremely helpful for your visitor, because if he/she does not find the information that he/she is looking it could be typed in and searched for. This is very convenient because the last thing you want is a frustrated visitor that was not able to look for the information he/she was looking for in a timely manner, and this may cause for them to not return, earn a negative review, and losing business. In conclusion, a footnote should never be ignored because it could do wonders for your business as you will have more visitors coming to visit your website, and for your reputation as an entrepreneur.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Claim Ownership!

Plagiarizing on the internet is a common problem people must face, and that is why you must take authority and claim ownership of your work. This is a very hard task to accomplish because there is no way to claim ownership of the things that you post online unless there is a signature that goes along with it. It is not enough to say that a certain post pertains to you unless you can show an actual signature that goes along with it. It is extremely easy for someone to copy and paste your work and claim as their own. There is a remedy you can take in order to fight plagiarism, and it is connected with Google. As certain blogs have mentioned before, you should first consider to make a Google+ account because it helps build connections along with building up your online reputation. Google+ has Google Authority collaborated with it in order to help claim authority over things that you post on the internet. Not only are you protecting your work so that no one else can repost it, but it will build your popularity as an author and earn credibility. Google Authority lets you put an electronic signature applied to any work that you post on the internet, and this is the best method out there right now to protect your work for plagiarism. Lastly, once your work is authorized and you are recognized as an author your online reputation improves while at the same time getting higher page rankings. This method should be a no brainer because who does not want to be appreciated being recognized for their work. Whether you are a blogger or any type of professional you should take all the tools that are out there in order to protect yourself from unwanted disasters. The worst feeling as an author of something great is for you to be plagiarized and not given the credit you deserve because you did not take the proper measures. Higher rankings on Google and getting positive online reputation is what you aim for when you are trying to appeal customers to your business, and getting those positive reviews and remarks when it comes to describing. Do not lose and edge when it comes to your online reputation.
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Pinterest: the Newest Social Media Phase

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
As many already know, there are different social media accounts that are necessary to take part of in order to take advantage of all the tools that can benefit business. However, the newest social media tool that has come about is Pinterest. Pinterest lets users channel traffic to their blogs, giving connected websites more publicity. 

Publicity is obviously something everyone would want for their business, because it helps gain customers and earn a positive reputation. Adding pictures from a blog into Pinterest is a good way to make an impact and attract customers. Users should only be adding pictures that are relevant to your business and that are unique.

Pictures that are unique are the ones that get pinned. Common or boring pictures do not make the same impact on the page. While applying the pictures to Pinterest, remember to apply the option to "pin it." This way all information will be shared with others so that each user can continue attracting people to his or her page and channel the traffic of people towards a main site.

How do users get people to pin their images? Simple, ask them to. This results in a greater traffic flow of people towards blogs and webpages. Inserting a URL that is unique and applying to the images or blogs on the user's page is another great example of how to generate more flow. The most important thing to remember is to take advantage of the social media tools that are out there. Business owners want to make themselves noticeable and presentable, but at the same time, professional.

Maintaining a hack free account is also very important to remember, because even though social media accounts and tools help build an online reputation, they could also destroy them. Business owners and individuals must maintain and protect their online reputations and make sure to take all precautions. Centel Media™ helps clients maintain their online reputations, and therefore, business owners should consider hiring a online reputation management company in order to sustain an positive image online. So many things can go wrong when it comes to the internet in today's technological world and users should make sure they take the right steps from preventing that from happening, or at the very least, fix the issues at hand.