Thursday, August 1, 2013

Turn an Ordinary Blog Extraordinary

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You can find a blog for just about anything, and it takes a little creativity and work to give your blog that much needed edge. The first step is finding the right topic, which can be trickier than it may seem. Your idea must have room to grow so that it doesn't come across as stale after blogging over a lengthy course of time. My best advice is to start a blog about something you're passionate about, something that means a lot to you. If you can provide a unique perspective on a topic you care about, your readers will take notice and appreciate it all the more.

Before you get seated to start writing your material, you should take a long look at how your blog appears to those who visit your page. Match the background, text and graphics with the tone of your blog. Don't settle for the default appearance that your blog platform initially gives you, take time and search the Internet for different styles you can use that will match your blog appropriately. Keep the page clean of clutter and if you use advertisement, make sure it doesn't become too intrusive on your guests. Always keep your guest's perspective in mind and don't shy away from constructive criticism they may provide you.

Once you get your blog's appearance up to par, the next obvious step is to provide content for your page. Do your best to keep your blog postings on topic to what you're promising to blog about. If you begin to stray from your original goal, new visitors will be confused and turned off by your inconsistency. One of the more difficult aspects to blogging is keeping your material fresh, especially if you're topic is narrow. Taking the time to do some research to gain new perspective never hurts, and thinking back on some personal experiences can provide a boost to exhausted material.

The final key to a successful blog is originality, which is much easier said than done. To gain a head start against potential competing blogs, do some investigating, look up other blogs that have a similar topic as yours and take note of their theme, tone and appearance. If you can take those elements and shift them around in a way that no other blog has, then you've got yourself an original blog. This is a challenging hurdle that requires a lot of creativity and thought, but with enough effort you can turn your blog into something great.

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Taking Advantage of a Growing Reputation Online

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If you're starting to make headway through a growing business or newly found fame, it's often difficult to discover more avenues to spread your reputation. There are numerous ways to capitalize on a growing name through exposure online. Choosing the right content for the right sources will give you a chance to further your success and prevent the dreaded fall from the public eye. Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia are three solid options that may grant you the platform you need for continued opportunity.

A public Facebook page gives you the chance to generate more interest in your affairs. By linking yourself to your fans or supporters, you can gain new publicity from other users on Facebook. Remember that likes on Facebook make you visible on that user's timeline and to his or her friends. The friends of the initial fan or supporter will gain awareness of you and increases the chance they investigate deeper into who you are and what you've done. Creative posts, including videos and images, will enhance your page and give reason for others to revisit, but be sure to update frequently.

Twitter provides you with a way to update your followers with news about your work and life. To establish a deeper connection with your followers, tweeting consistently will help keep your name at the forefront. Responding to tweets from your followers is an even greater asset, because it shows that you invest in your followers as much as they invest in you. However, there are many pitfalls in Twitter that you must avoid. Don't start or continue arguments and try to stay away from controversial topics to ensure that you don't provide others with a skewed perception of who you are.

Another great way to spread your name is through Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia's public editing policy can, every once in a while, be a downside, it still remains a great place for people to learn more about you. Interested parties can view your accomplishments, background and future plans on Wikipedia, enhancing their views on you and your work. Take the time to view your Wikipedia page every now and then to ensure the information remains accurate.

Updating all these different social media sites and webpages may be a lot to handle on your own. If you need help in creating a Wikipedia page or gaining exposure on Facebook and Twitter, check out these services offered by Centel Media™.

Webpage Design: What Catches the Eye?

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For those who are just starting to branch out into webpage design for personal or business related interests, then you need to understand the importance of your page's appearance to the visitor's eye. It would take ages just to look through all the half-finished, abandoned webpages across the Internet, most of which lacked in design and didn't go the extra lengths to make their page intriguing. To take your page to the next level, you must look at it through an outsider's perspective, keep it organized and seek out the right appearance for your content with a unique angle that differentiates your page from the thousands that are similar.

The majority of hits a webpage gets are through links from outside sources like search engines. Once a visitor clicks on your page, the next few seconds will determine that person's opinion of your webpage. The loading time and initial appearance are the two factors that you must be aware of. Do what you can to reduce your page's loading time and try to include relevant content and graphics that entice the interests of your visitors. Dull coloring and disorganized content can be the reason your visitors won't return.

So, what type of appearance will help give your page a boost? Well, this ultimately depends on what your page is about, however, there are a few universal constants that separate the well-formed pages from the sloppy. If you care about your page, then you should also care about the professional feel your page gives off. Make all your links and other important information accessible and easy to find. Don't force your visitors to scroll down a long webpage, keep it concise, to the point and clear for everyone to understand.

You should always seek ways to generate a theme for your webpage and base it off your personality (if the page is for personal reasons) or the topic at hand. If your webpage is about a topic that is widely covered across the Internet already, then you need to strive for a unique element that can make your page one-of-a-kind. A page with exclusive content or personality will get people to rely on your material and thus give them a reason to keep visiting.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To Identify and Handle Dangerous Comments

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The comment section, be it on your personal website, blog or social media page, can add much needed conversation that generates cross-traffic to your site; however, it may also hinder your reputation. Having control over your comment section is a tricky task that requires a sensitive touch. In order to properly handle comments, you need to identify what comments may lead to problems, address the comment in a constructive manner and continue to display an attitude that encourages freedom of speech and respect.

Not all comments lead to problems for your reputation, even if they come across as negative. Often times, negative comments are placed to simply suggest changes to your site or what you provide via your site. It is essential to distinguish the difference between constructive criticism and slander. A well-run website will always take constructive criticism into consideration and know when to make a change. However, comments that promote hatred, intolerance or insult either directed at you, your company or any of your website's visitors should not be tolerated and handled appropriately.

Poisonous comments will hurt your website's reputation and sense of professionalism. It is essential to take action through moderation, and in many cases, removal of destructive comments. However, there are always written reviews that don't necessarily promote hatred, but still negatively influence your interests. These instances are much more tricky, and if you have difficulty coming up with a solution to handle negative reviews, Centel Media™ offers services to aid in the process.

The problematic situation that arises from tampering with comments is whether doing so detracts from the freedom to leave comments on your site in the first place. To install a sense of respect towards the visitors of you site, you should be sure to push an atmosphere of openness and eagerness to listen to any and all comments. Keep the comment section clean, on topic and friendly so that new visitors see your site as a safe place to state their opinions and observations free from any negative reaction from others on the site.

In all, comments help promote your material and are a necessity in the expansion of you and your interests. Finding a way to maintain professionalism in your comment section will go a long way in the development of your site.

The Trends of Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all tap into the trends of current culture, and understanding the reasons behind these trends can help you or your business adapt appropriately. As the Internet becomes increasingly connected with everyday life, certain tasks that were once time consuming and difficult have now become quick and simple. Naturally, we want to replicate this simplicity in as many areas of life as possible, leaving more time for the things we want to do. Facebook was created with all this in mind, taking the difficult task of staying in touch with others and simplifying it down to one place where we can find everyone we know.

As Facebook grew in popularity, new opportunities to simplify social life came into the fray. Facebook allowed room for companies and interest groups to create their own pages that connect not only to users who have an interest in them, but to the friends of these users as well. Then, social media sites like LinkedIn took the business aspect of Facebook and put it at the forefront, creating network opportunities for the professional, working half of a person's life. Now, people don't just want to build a network for friends online, but for their business or occupation as well.

Even before Facebook and LinkedIn rose to be prominent pieces of popular culture, blogging was used to take one's voice and reach out to a wider audience. Blogs were not necessarily created to connect to other people we know, but to people we don't know, for a variety of reasons including business or simply wanting to be heard. Twitter capitalized on this by giving each individual a voice that carries across a large population, linked by hashtags that represent the topic at hand.

So, what does all of this mean for you or your business? Well, by keeping these trends in mind, you become aware of the wants and needs of the people behind them. Social media was created to simplify people's lives, network for both personal and occupational reasons, and give people a voice that can be heard. If you want to excel in gaining likes or followers, then you must understand why social media is used and adjust your interests accordingly. If promoting to gain likes or followers has proven difficult, Centel Media™ has social media services that can help.

Blessing in Disguise

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There are times when things just seem a little to perfect the way they fit in with each other and that can make you somewhat skeptical of the situation. And you should be because as we all know nothing in this world is perfect but things can come very close to it at least in our eyes. Opportunities may come when you least expect them but you have been working hard and diligently for so long that when it came you were more than prepared to take this opportunity.

You might plan for a something down the line when you feel that you will be ready to take it on with no restrictions but sometimes it doesn't work like that. It might come way ahead of schedule and you might not be ready for it at the moment but you would be a fool to let it pass by. If it does make its way back to you when you are ready it may not be the same and you will be left thinking why didn't I take the offer when it was presented to me.

We all have plans but on average I would say 30% of that plan gets fully executed reason being is nothing ever comes in a straight line, there are curves and turns that we have to face in order to fully complete our plans. As a business owner you have to be prepared for these twists and turns, I’m sure you have a plan as to how you would like things to go but are fully aware that the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. In my opinion one of the biggest skills an owner needs to have is the ability to adjust their plans according to what is being thrown at them.

What that means is you have to be quick on your toes, you can't control the market or how a customer thinks. When trends become a major influence to customers it is important that you are able to capitalize on it and make adjustments accordingly. Now that doesn't mean going out of your area of expertise but making sure when the wave comes your way you can ride it out and not worry about wiping out.

Many times these new trends can open up new doors for you; maybe you have been considering expanding when you reached a certain level of profitability but it came before you reached that goal. Do you pass it up or do you take it and adjust your plans accordingly. The answer is ultimately up to you and whatever route you choose will have an impact on you for many years to come.  

You can't choose when the opportunity for success comes knocking, you're either ready or not. And if you're not you still take this chance because it might not come back around for a long time it and that's if it chooses to come back.

Understanding Your Customer's Point of View

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The Keys to Knowing What Your Customer is Thinking
Keeping Awareness of Your Clientele's Feelings on Your Company, Product or Service

In order to keep your customers happy, it is necessary to look in at your business through their eyes. As your profits grow, it will become exceedingly difficult to separate yourself from the well-oiled machine that is your business. All of your opinions and marketing ploys will come from within your company, which isn't a bad thing, it just leaves room for the possibility that your business becomes out of touch with your customer base. In order to keep you and your business grounded, always keep their point of view in mind.

Even if your business is booming, it doesn't necessarily mean your customers are content. Often times, if quick enough to catch, dissent in a business can begin with a single complaint that then gains steam and eventually becomes an epidemic. If all of this comes true, then your business's boom will soon fizzle out. So, without the knowledge of your customers' feelings towards your company, product or service, you may be left in the dark and unaware of a potentially crippling attitude from your clientele.

To prevent a case like this from occurring, the simplest answer is to be aware. If your business is still small and largely under your control, take the time out of your day to read reviews and comments left by your customers. With larger companies, hire someone else to do the same thing, and make sure they keep a handle on how your customers feel about your business's current state and how they react to changes. At the same time, you can also hire firms like Centel Media™ to take on those reviews that end up becoming detrimental to your company's interests.

While it certainly is important to keep all your bases covered, you should be sure to take on the complaints and search for a solution when necessary. Knowledge of your customers' opinions will be ineffective if you fail to address the problem afterwards. Take the time to contemplate what changes would work in favor for both your business and your customers' needs, but try to be quick and resolute in order to curb the complaints before they get out of hand. Keep a compassionate tone towards your customers and ensure them that their voices are being heard.