Monday, August 26, 2013

Protect Your Company From Bad Break-Ups

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When relationships end, it can be messy, especially if either party is walking away hurt or angry. Anger can inhibit the thought process like a drug. Adrenaline is pumping, nostrils are flared, and people start to react in unpredictable ways. Mostly, these feelings of hurt or anger manifest themselves into poor choices, choices that have consequences long into the future, long after the anger has subsided.
Revenge is a common response during moments like these. It’s human nature to attempt to ‘get even’ in order to alleviate our own pain. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or professional business relationship, or why it ended and who ended it. Both parties are in a vulnerable state, open to the possibility of revenge.
Ending business relationships, such as firing an employee or terminating a customer's contract, could alleviate problems for a company. But, it can also cause an unwanted backlash of anger and revenge from the employee or customer. Of course, you should never feel obligated to keep employing or doing business with such people. What you need, is to be prepared and able to handle their reaction.
The consequences of vengefulness in business can result in massive turmoil. Slanderous messages towards or about your company can appear in inboxes, social media platforms, television news, radio, and print. Depending on the depth of disgruntlement and hostility of the employee or customer, this could continue for months and seriously impact the reputation of your company.   
Although negative customer comments or reviews can be harmful, slanderous comments from former employees can be worse. These employees have inside knowledge of your brand. Like a cat burglar with a set of blueprints, a disgruntled employee knows the layout of your company, all the weak and vulnerable areas to attack. Managing this type of ‘break-up’ and reputation breach can be difficult if you don't know the steps to recovery.

When these type of revenge tactics present themselves online, they will harm your online reputation. For any online business, taking quick action to curb negative, slanderous comments must be a top priority. Such situations deserve the attention of professional internet reputation management services. Companies like Centel Media™ can restore your brand's reputation and corporate image with services tailored to address your specific needs, concerns, and goals.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Adapting to Your Reputation Needs

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You wouldn’t shop at a hardware store when you needed new dinnerware, and you wouldn’t visit a flower shop hoping to find toothpaste. Choosing the right type of store is common sense, but what if you did and ended up with a product below your standards? Like if you went into a clothing store only to find jeans of the wrong fit, color or size. Would you still buy them? They're close enough, right? Or would you hold out, go to another store and find something that meets all your expectations, not just a majority of them.
When searching for a specific product, it can often become tedious and frustrating, especially when we don't have much time or are constrained by finances. When we're limited, we end up settling for something that comes close to meeting our needs but lacks in some way. Brand Reputation Management Software works similarly to the jeans in the clothing store mentioned earlier: a product designed to “fit” hundreds of different company shapes and sizes, molded vaguely enough to work with every company. These programs are built on data collection and analysis, advanced algorithm for auto-categorization, associating keywords and common terminology to monitor your brand's presence in social media.
The problem here is that each industry and each individual company have their own unique language related to their specialty. Realizing the specific needs of each individual industry and company, the best brand reputation management firms don't wait to take the initiative in programming new words and customizing key phrases into their software, all to broaden the pool of data collected.
Monitoring collected data is only one element in the detailed and intricate process of managing your online reputation. Before your brand can be monitored, it must be established. Creating a solid foundation for your brand name is essential to the success of your online reputation.
If you're looking to increase brand visibility and online reputation, you should want to stand out from the crowd, not ‘fit’ into a computer program and predestined mold. Don’t settle for a company that only meets some of your needs and only fulfills most of your expectations. At Centel Media™ we work individually and specifically for you or your company and include keywords that describe your expertise or product.

Online reputation management should be detailed to your specific interests, not for a generalized whole.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things To Consider Before Sending That Email

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Emails present a golden opportunity to engage or extend a relationship with potential or pre-existing customers. It also gives a business the chance to anticipate and answer questions about their products or services. But beware, emails may become a source of damage to your brand's reputation.
In both your personal and professional relationships, when communicating by email, there are numerous things to include or avoid.  Obvious suggestions like spelling and punctuation are to be reviewed before pressing send. But, there are some more meaningful aspects you should double check before bidding farewell to your latest email message.
1. Value the long-term relationship
It may be tempting to take short cuts in your correspondence, especially if the recipient is unknown. But, each online interaction is an opportunity to invest in something positive. Ask yourself – does the content of my email keep the conversation going? Does it positively reflect my interests?

2. Value your reader
Don’t be patronizing or talk down to your reader; they may not be an expert in your field, but they could lead you to future clients or connections to other business contacts. On that note, if your reader is a bridge between you and potential contacts, don’t abuse their position, be respectful of their individuality.
Do a little research to be mindful of the reader’s situation and current state; this may be difficult if your reader is unknown, but you can imagine your target audience and build a conversation from that starting point. For instance, if your reader is associated with a specific company, it would not be a good tactic to rave about their competitors.

3. Clear the way
Your job as author of an email is to be like a talented tour guide, pointing out relevant architecture to a tourist. Speak clearly and directly with your reader, don’t use jargon and slang that will trip them up along their journey.

Check these three points prior to each email to ensure you keep things coherent and meaningful for all parties. One email can set the tone for all future exchanges, don’t let an opportunity go by due to negligence on your part, spend the extra time to review and edit your emails, it will certainly pay off in the long run. Remember that all written content is a reflection of you and your business.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LinkedIn Proves The Importance of a Social Media Presence

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I began scouting colleges and universities five years ago, only five years, and in that time I selected undergraduate and graduate programs through meticulous research, index cards, and color coding. Of course, the internet provided a great deal of information, but there was no personal interaction, the closest I came to really finding a true feel for a potential school was through the standard tours on campus or when I read each school's marketing materials that came through the mail in bulky envelopes.
Having recently experienced the process of selecting a school, I am both excited for the new ways students can reach out to schools, while also envious that it isn't me who can reap the rewards. Not only do they have the perks of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where they can connect with and follow the school and its alumni, LinkedIn just announced a revolutionary networking feature: ‘University Pages.’
University Pages allows schools worldwide to present themselves and connect with their future students, similar to how business professionals already connect with future clientele and employees. The real game changer here is not the development of a new page or flashy new service provided to schools, it's LinkedIn new membership policy that allows users as young as 13 to join the site to help plan out their future.
This is a marvelous strategy that produces double the rewards. Since its release, 200 universities have created their page on LinkedIn and this number will continue into the thousands in the coming weeks. With a membership base of 240 million users, that number will increase exponentially when you take not only the future students into account, but parents, educators, and all other parties related to the interests of academics.
What the young, up-and-coming students in the world should take out of all this, is that the importance of social media is continuing to gain steam. No longer is social media geared towards personal networking, but has since become a connection to every aspect of life. Now more than ever, it's crucial for everyone to keep their social media presence in mind, both in preventing possible embarrassment and highlighting what you can offer to future schools or professions.
If you need help crafting a presence in social media, consider Centel Media™. Their services can help you build a platform in social media that can expose your potential to the world.
LinkedIn's new 'University Pages' feature exposes the increasing importance of building a positive social media presence.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Social Networking Can Impact Search Results

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It’s uncommon for any viable online marketing campaign to shy away from using social networking as an integral asset. But, that shouldn't be the only component to a successful online business.  Without the implementation of a broader strategy, social networking isn’t enough to make the notable difference in search engine results, and in overall business growth. There’s no denying the effect social networking has on search rankings when it is used in conjunction with other marketing devices. But, participating in social networking is unlikely to deliver results if you or your brand fails to share valuable content.

That is the initial step, developing sharable content. Interesting, unique, and creative content will do more than inspire a quick glance. Working without this is like putting the cart before the horse. Even if your brand is the first result in a search engine, a lack of relevant content will quickly push a user on to search result number two. Online marketing and brand reputation development is a two-part system. It’s about generating the emotional and personal buzz on social networking sites, which will then fuel the technical and logistical aspect of search results.
Search engines are not a natural cycle that revolve around human emotion, they are algorithms based on repetitive data. The trick is to develop a natural cycle through social media sites by letting your followers do the hard work for you, without actually knowing they are providing the repetitive data that improves search engine results.
At Centel Media™, our services include Facebook and Twitter page optimization. We will assist you in gaining likes and followers on social media sites in order to help you gain a public presence on search engines.  If you choose to take on Centel Media™ social media optimization service, our web experts will give your page that initial push in promoting your company so that your social media page can get the results you've been hoping for. Centel Media™ has the means of doing this in an honest way, without resorting to buying likes and followers.
As previously outlined, having likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter can really push your business to new heights, but not without the right content. With this newfound fan base, you can publish content on your social media sites and be assured that it is being seen. Establishing followers that could become potential clients is a necessary part of improving your online reputation.
Centel Media™ is here for all of your social media optimization needs to help you reach the level where you and your business deserve to be.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tracking Your Online Reputation

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Just as the internet opened the world to us, it also opened us to the world. Studies show that the younger generation is spending over 8 hours a day online. The price we pay for all this interconnectedness is our diminished sense of privacy. Without the proper approach, you or your brand's reputation may become the victim of negative online exposure.
As you surf the Web, information is being collected about you. There are three types of tracking sites that record your information: sites that you provide consenting information, sites you visit without providing any consenting information, and sites you do not visit and do not knowingly give information. It’s perplexing to think that websites we never even visit gather our information. They seek us out, following our online movements by association. These associations may not seem important to you, but remember, everything online is connected.

This type of virtual stalking is known as behavioral tracking, but not all tracking is bad. Many services rely on behavioral tracking and user data to provide relevant content and enhance the online experience. But most tracking happens without users' consent and without their knowledge. Unfortunately, it’s out of your control who, when, how and if you or your brand is tracked.

With countless sites tracking you, keep in mind that your reputation can be affected without your awareness. Privacy should not be something you compromise, and your reputation shouldn't be either. It's your right to know what data is being collected about you and your brand, and the best way to handle it is to be active in managing the data you provide to trackers. Blog posts, social networking, press releases, and Wikipedia submissions, are all outlets for data collection.  

Remember, not all tracking is bad. Tracking can provide the opportunity to connect potential clients to your company. It can make those large leaps in association that can grow your brand's reputation in a positive way. It’s just a matter of controlling the output of data that is being tracked.

Centel Media™ can help you and your brand build and manage a successful reputation that promotes positive tracking and healthy data collection. This data is being tracked even now; so the longer you wait, the more negative data could be compiling!

Friday, August 16, 2013

You and Your Customers Are a Team

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In a perfect world, both the customer and business will coexist as a team so that each get what
they want from the other. Businesses want the money and customers want the product. Often times, a gap widens between the two, mostly caused by faults on the side of the business, but not always.

Poor customer service or product will certainly lead to a rift between you and your customers. To fix this, you must look from the customer's point of view and determine how you
and your customer can work together and evolve into a promising relationship full of continued satisfaction on both ends.

Teamwork between a business and customer is built on strong, solid ground. The foundation
comes from one party having something the other wants or needs, so an agreement is arranged to
satisfy both ends. There must be an open conversation between the customer and business, so the
business can understand if their approach is working and what they need to do to improve. It is
impossible for a business to change if they are unaware of what they need to change in the first

Your business can put millions of dollars into your marketing, research and promotion, but if the
customer is not drawn in to what you put out, then all that money will be wasted. The only result
from this tactic is a negative reputation, because customers will feel like you've chosen to ignore
their wants and needs. Customers should never have to respond to changes with resentment or
betrayal, and in order to prevent this, businesses must listen before acting. On the other end,
customers should speak up if they have an issue with anything occurring inside a business. A
customer's feedback can be the reason a business changes for the better.

All of these points boil down to the fact that businesses and customers benefit the most when
they are working as a team. While it may seem that the business gets most of the blame for
poor teamwork, in reality, it takes both sides for a relationship to work successfully. What the
customer gives, the business dishes back out, so it is key for the customer to give the right
feedback to help the business grow into what they want it to be.

The relationship's appearance may seem disproportionate, but that's simply because the business has a larger presence. In reality, the customer and the business are on the same level, and how that relationship evolves is the difference between your business's success and failure.

Hand in hand arm in arm helping each other can do no harm.