Monday, September 9, 2013

4 Tips For Online Success

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In our daily ‘feed’ of social media, there are endless lists of tips and advice, shortcuts and reminders that we bookmark to read later, we skim over the headlines to gather the “gist” of the article, and never really give it a second glance. We see tips on subjects like “how to organize your closet for maximum space potential,” or “the best advice when meeting your partner’s parents.” These are topics you may read out of slight interest, and never really take seriously. But when it comes to managing your online presence, especially if your livelihood depends on it, then it’s key to take these few tips into consideration:

Remember -- It Always Starts Offline
Complaints towards your brand name originate in the real world. Even if you’re a virtual company, and all correspondence takes place online, the root of the problem, and the fuel that keeps it burning, is always the person behind it. Things that are aired online, are aired by someone who experienced something real and are expressing it in a virtual way.

Stay in the Loop
Whatever the problem may be, don’t ignore it!  As they say, ‘knowledge is power.’ If you don’t stay in the know about your own brand and your own reputation, how are you supposed to defend it if and when it comes under attack? How are you supposed to address your audience if you don’t have all the information they have? Do your research, and keep up to date.

Know When to Respond
As with the previous tip, don’t ignore! You should always respond, but don’t underestimate the importance of proper timing. Jumping into a conversation or comment thread out of anger will accomplish you nothing. Let it settle so you can look at it objectively.

Promote Yourself
Last but not least, promote your name. Be proactive and diligent about spreading the good word about your brand. Don’t be shy or embarrassed about tooting your own horn, if you don’t do it, no one else will.

These are just four things you can do to manage your online reputation, but there are countless others. Centel Media™ is a company that offers solutions to all your online reputation management needs, no matter how deep-rooted the issue may be.

The correct steps to online success are doable, but not always easy. Keep these tips in mind  when approaching the management of your reputation.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't Be Mugged by Mugshots

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It’s tough to be brought down by negative images after all you’ve done to improve your personal or professional reputation. There are dozens of websites specializing in and promoting such images, whose sole purpose is to perpetuate mugshots and other slanderous material centered around any given individual, whether they are guilty of a crime or not.

For many affected by sites like these, options are limited. It’s not as simple as contacting the webmaster and requesting they remove the negative image. Some websites will flat out refuse to take it down. Others will charge astronomical fees, claim they’ll take it down, and then continue to display it anyway. Companies and individuals have gone to great legal lengths to have negative images removed, only to hit an impasse.

Images are more dangerous than written articles or reviews, simply due to their accessibility. They can spread quickly over the Internet, seen by a countless number of people in a very short amount of time. Any random individual can take your image and use it to promote negative publicity about you or your brand. These images need to be handled so interested parties don’t see you for something other than what you truly are. Often, when you use a search engine to research your online presence, you tend to find images that are copyrighted or used illegally without your authorization.

Images used without your permission can have a very large impact on the way people view you or your company. Centel Media™ offers a service in negative image suppression. Our team of experts will suppress any image for you, and all you need is access to the image in question. Our loyal employees here at Centel Media™ will investigate the image and make sure no one else has the rights to use it. Then, we will contact the person who stole your image and work to take the image down.

The professionals at Centel Media™ also create original images for you or your company to use in order to create favorable publicity in hopes of reaching more potential clients. We post fresh, positive images, and work to ensure they can be seen first in keyword searches. With the help of Centel Media™, the negative images will be suppressed and buried under images you choose to properly represent your interests.

Inappropriate images can severely and negatively impact your online reputation. Centel Media™ offers you suggestions and solutions to remove these images from the public eye.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weather the Storm of a Negative Online Reputation

: Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off ReportsThere is no way to remove negative reviews about your brand once they're uploaded online. However, there are ways you can handle them. If you want to improve your online reputation, you need to know the appropriate response to such situations and how to contain them. With the right tools, you can take back control of your online presence.
You can’t stop the rain from falling, but you can use an umbrella. The same mentality applies to your online reputation: you cannot stop bad reviews, but you can protect yourself. The range of damage that can occur from negative online reviews has just as many possible variations as a brewing rain storm. It could be one small comment that takes little effort to contain, or it could be a flood of negative reviews that take thousands of dollars and months of hard work to repair. This widespread damage isn't unusual, it’s a result of the growing number of platforms that allow people to express their displeasure online.

The first step in damage control is measurement. Measuring rain can be as simple as placing a bucket outside on a stormy day. The same is true in monitoring your online reputation, it’s as simple as being involved, collecting the data, and observing what is being said about your brand. Join industry-specific social networking sites. While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are absolute musts, industry-specific sites will be just as beneficial.
Unfortunately, you may have the strong desire to fight for your reputation, taking strides to battle back against negative reviews. While it's important to respond and confront negative reviews, doing so the wrong way may come off as unprofessional, which can then encourage further activity around that particular situation, and thus push its ranking higher on search engines. The best way to discourage and combat negativity is with positivity.

Centel Media™ offers services in all areas of online reputationmanagement, including negative review suppression. To decrease the influence of such reviews, Centel Media™ works tirelessly to create an abundance of positive reviews to outshine the negative.

There's no way to stop any negativity from reaching you or your business, but Centel Media™ can provide you with options to prevent damage and rescue your reputation. For more information on negative review suppression, click here.

To recover an online reputation, you must tread lightly. Know which actions  you should take and which you shouldn't.

Courtney Fisher,
Assistant Press Secretary

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Free ORM Services May Not Be So Free After All

Anyone serious about expanding their business also needs to be serious about marketing.
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This includes exploring new ways to promote their product, researching outlets in which to market, and studying the tactics of their competitors.  Today's online businesses often require strict attention to the managing, marketing and monitoring of your brand name. If your business needs to solicit the help of an online reputation management firm to maintain your public image, be wary of offers promising "free" assistance, because it may come at a much steeper cost.
72 percent of consumers read online reviews before choosing to purchase products or services from any business. That’s a large portion of your target audience, and a big number that should inspire your brand to be active in hunting for all available advantages regarding online media.  If you want to stay on top of your business's appearance, then you should take control of what your consumers are seeing. With the anonymity of online interaction, you can be in the trenches, witnessing firsthand what contributes to a consumer's judgment of your brand.
There are many options to help you with the process of managing, marketing, and monitoring your brand name. But, be wary of companies that promise “free” assistance with any of their online reputation management or marketing features. Although they may technically be free of charge, your brand could still be forced to forfeit a significant amount of personal and confidential information such as phone numbers and email addresses.
Despite any promises of "free" services a company may provide, it is never in your best interest to share confidential information online. The ‘free’ part of this reputation software, is essentially the gathering of all information associated with the keywords of your brand. Once this information is collected, a strategy must be tailored for your business. This is when the unforeseen fees and charges begin to accumulate.
Unfortunately in business, nothing is “free,” there is always a catch. If you’re not paying in cash, you are paying with your personal information, and that, in many ways, is much more valuable. Sign up with a credible reputation management company, a company who has your best interest at heart. Centel Media™ is a reputation management company based on effectively managing, monitoring and marketing the reputation of potential clients. Before partnering with any client, we carefully manage their reputation first. After we establish your desired reputation, we can then devise the appropriate marketing campaign that fits your business, which, in turn, draws traffic to your websites.

If you're interested in Centel Media™ services, visit our Products & Services page.

Watch out for online reputation management companies that offer "free" service. It may end up costing you much more than you bargained for.

Courtney Fisher Assistant Press Secretary Centel Media™

Friday, August 30, 2013

SEO and Pre-Optimization: Which is Right For You?

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A high ranking on a search engine can carry significant weight. No matter what the goal of you or your company may be, you want to be recognized and you want to be recognized first. With the correct keywords, you or your businesses should appear on the first page of results, giving you visibility that will bring a constant influx of new sales. The formula for search engine optimization is simple on the surface, but the process can be difficult without the proper experience and knowledge.   
Currently, search engine optimization is the most influential component of online marketing, with pre-optimized websites quickly becoming more and more popular. There are a few questions you should ask before committing to these services, like:
What exactly do all these products promise to the success of my company? What’s the difference between search engine optimization and pre-optimization?
Search engine optimization is a service designed to insure that your site, one that is already established online, appears high on the list of results when someone searches for keywords that match you or your business. Linking strategic keywords to your site will, in turn, maximize your number of visitors, and thus increase site traffic.
A pre-optimized website is built on the same premise of SEO. But, instead of linking keywords to an existing website, a website is “pre-ranked” with keyword that customers are searching for before it is associated with that particular company. Once this ‘blank’  pre-ranked site is at the top of search engines, the site is then leased to you or your company, converting all necessary information to reflect your interests. Essentially, these are successful templates or molds that can be shifted and altered to accommodate the information you want.
Whether you have an existing webpage that you would like to see at the top of the results page, or you're just starting out and want to quickly jump the ranks, the most effective way to create a fully-optimized website is to find and invest in an experienced web development company. A company well-versed in SEO dynamics and can offer all-in-one solutions such as quality content, link-building and social media design. With this help, you can finally obtain those high search engine rankings you've been hoping for.
Thankfully, Centel Media™, the top-rated online reputation management firm, has services in search engine optimization. If you want to know more, follow this link:

Also, if you wish to learn about Centel Media™ website design services, you can click here:

In order to improve search engine results for your online interests, you should first understand what options you have and which one is best for you.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Refurbish Your Online Real Estate

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Real estate is a business that relies on trust. A potential buyer or seller is placing a lot of faith into the hands of an agent who they believe will help them secure their future. No reasonable client would judge an agent based solely on how they appear in their profile picture. They would research their licensing, credentials, current listings, and previous client reviews, all in order to ensure they're making the right decision for themselves and their family. If a real estate company or agent wishes to ever gain the favor of potential buyers and sellers, they need to reassess their online reputation. With most people seeking the Internet to research agencies, a well-established online presence is crucial to gaining the business of new clients.
There are a few things realtors can do to manage their online reputation:
1. Invest in domain names. An online reputation can benefit greatly from multiple, recognizable domain names. And the more you acquire, the better. Don’t just limit your options to, use other variations of your brand name and make sure to establish the .net and .org options as well. Even if you don't use all of them, it’s an easy way to spread the presence of your business.
2. Build online authority with blogs. Online reputation is not strictly developed by your customers. By maintaining a blog, you can illustrate to site viewers just how much you know and how proficient you are in your field. Hiring a professional company to create these blogs can seem like ‘cheating,’ but in reality, an online reputation management company can be the bridge between you and your potential clients. Maybe website design isn’t your strong point, but that's no excuse when your real estate business suffers because your blogs are poorly presented.
3. Know where to get connected with interested customers. Each industry, including real estate, has its own community. There are sites specifically created for people who want to discuss topics regarding real estate, providing others with relevant information to help them make good decisions. Research the sites most prevalent to your brand. Get connected by uploading as much information as possible about you or your company, and update it often.

Centel Media™ has services that can benefit any real estate business. If you want to know more about these services, such as blog creation, website design, domain name registration and search engine optimization, follow this link:

Real estate businesses can find hidden value in their websites by simply changing the way they're presented online.

Fighting Back Against Negative Imagery

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Today, images can be captured instantly, and within seconds, uploaded and spread across the world. We tend to overlook the influence of inappropriate images posted online. They have the potential to harm our reputation, along with all those we are associated with. As a professional, you need to be especially mindful of images that represent your brand and stay vigilant in protecting your interests from others who wish to exploit you through negative imagery.

In some cases it may not be too difficult to remove embarrassing images connected to you or your brand. In fact, it may be as simple as asking one of your employees to remove something from their Facebook page. However, in other scenarios, the image may be legally protected. If this occurs, your chance of getting it removed from its source weakens, in addition to the incredibly taxing process it all soon becomes.

When left untreated, negative images can harm your brand reputation. Those images could end up as the first result that appears on a search engine, the first impression of your brand that potential customers will see. With such a first impression, customers will judge you or your company unfairly and be steered in the direction of your competitors. Any random individual or competitive corporation can take a damaging image and spread it publicity. You want these images taken down so potential clients don’t confuse your business for something other than its true purpose.

There are many solutions offered by companies that specialize in these situations, readying you for combat against potentially threatening images. Centel Media™ offers a negative image suppression service, which fixes these problems for you, so that you don’t have to handle them alone. Our team of experts will not only suppress the negative image, but flood the Internet with positive images as well, in order to redirect the focus.

Centel Media™ can also trademark an image for you. By trademarking an image, we make sure that no one takes an original image created by you or your company and uses it without your consent. When you put your time and effort into creating something, the last thing you want is for someone to take it away from you.

Take control of your brand reputation and your brand image, remove unwanted images from search results and provide positive media to your audience.

If you want more information about Centel Media™s negative image suppression service, follow this link: