Friday, November 15, 2013

Baldwin's Stalker Will Get the Last Laugh

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Alec Baldwin is one of those Hollywood actors with a mixed image. On one hand, he is respected for his acting talent and charisma in movies and television. On the other hand, he has well-publicized scandals that involve airliners, mobile games, and hurling insults at his own daughter. Like him or hate him, he remains an influential and popular actor. Most actors and actresses deal with harassment from the paparazzi constantly, an act many would consider a legal form of stalking. But it’s when there’s a true case of stalking that an actor or actress runs into problems that may spiral away from their control.

Enter one Genevieve Sabourin, a Canadian woman who met Baldwin on a movie set in 2002 and later in 2010 at a dinner. She claims to have had a very intimate relationship with him starting in 2011, but Baldwin has flatly denied her allegations in court hearings, adding that she was imagining all of these scenarios in her head. While one can make the argument that Baldwin is lying due to his past mistakes, Sabourin's behavior and activities have not made her case supportable in the least. Baldwin has been avoiding journalists regarding the trial, while Sabourin gleefully absorbs the media attention. She was also arrested many times and even defied a restraining order by attempting to contact Baldwin and his wife online.

Baldwin has a big problem here. Once again, he’ll be needing to spend some time cleaning up his image after the trial. Even if Sabourin's story was proven to be completely false in the future, he still has to deal with the current media backlash and negative comments by people who don’t like how Baldwin handled the case. Even worse, if someone manages to prove his side of the story wrong, his marriage would most likely end and nobody would ever take him seriously again.

Any negativity will have an adverse impact on the targeted person or organization. Centel Media™, the top-rated online reputation management firm, has the ability to restrict negative commentary surrounding a client on the Internet, especially if the criticism is unwarranted. The service suppresses negative articles, reviews, images, and videos down from the top pages on a search engine. To counteract damage, we also create press releases that steer public attention towards positive characteristics that show your value and originality in comparison to others in your field. Don't let negativity, stalker or otherwise, damage your reputation, consider letting us handle your problems.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rand Paul is a Cheat

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Senator Rand Paul has been spotlighted in the Republican Party because he stands up for his beliefs. He is most famous for creating a filibuster against the White House to prevent using drones on American soil. This week, his reputation suffered a devastating hit with allegations that many of his speeches, and even some portions of his book, have had plagiarized phrases. Accusers located the sources, which include Wikipedia and The Heritage Foundation. While these sources don't seem to mind very much, the implications are still having a negative effect on Senator Paul’s image.

This incident sheds doubt not only on the Senator's office but on the man himself. Paul has been unwavering in the defense of his reputation. He has called for metaphorical duels with detractors and reassured people that he would never try to misrepresent himself. According to him, his past work should prove his honor and integrity, but accusers have relished in detaching the known figure from his image. By admitting that his office made some mistakes and promising to add footnotes to all his material, Paul has attempted to redeem himself. But that doesn't change the fact that his office has made an inexcusably unprofessional mistake.

Businesses often suffer image problems like these, and the solutions are not always easy. Rival companies look for situations that allow them to gain an advantage over their competitors. Disgruntled employees and dissatisfied customers lurk online at various sites and news outlets, waiting for the opportunity to lash out at an establishment they feel has disenfranchised them. Every company has to deal with this problem, and letting it fester can lead to disastrous consequences.

These allegations may hurt Paul's chances in 2016, but Centel Media™ believes that every company or individual should be able to maintain a positive image. If your brand has been the target of negative publicity, online reputationmanagement services can help you regain your standing. When you or your company’s reputation has taken a hit, we can provide negative suppression services that target articles, videos, images and reviews. Our team of writers and computer experts can publish press releases to show off your company’s accomplishments, further driving negativity into obscurity. We want you to own your online reputation and will not allow any detractors to cast doubt upon you or your business.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day

Veterans day is a federal holiday in honor of those who have served for our country. 

President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11, 1919 as Armistice Day, a day that would be in remembrance of those who died in service. 

In 1945, Raymond Weeks, a veteran of World War ll pushed for making November 11 a holiday for all veterans.

On June 1, 1954, Congress replaced Armistice with Veterans.

Centel Media™ would like to recognize all of our veterans and give thanks for all they have done for our country

Friday, November 8, 2013

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stop Being Homophobic?

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With over a decade of commercial success, multiple Grammy awards and the title of best selling artist of the 2000s, Marshall Mathers aka Eminem has made an outstanding career using his quick and clever lyrics to produce a great following of fans and critics.  Known for his ability to vary between playful and hard-hitting raps, Eminem has firmly established his versatility. Yet, both critics and fans are still pondering upon certain decisions the artist has made in his choices on wordplay.

In 2009, with the release of his sixth studio album “Relapse,” the artist was confronted for his blatant and insulting use of offensive language.  Within his verses, he targeted famous artists (Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken) who are identified as homosexuals. Eminem’s delivery suggested prejudice towards the artists for their sexuality.  Homophobic slurs were riddled within his rhymes on his first two albums back in the early 2000s, bringing many to question his position and attitude towards the LGBT community.

When confronted on the matter in 2009, Eminem was quoted as saying that his lyrics should not impress upon his fans or other artist that he, as an individual, is homophobic. However, his defense hasn’t been enough to soothe critics. It seems that Eminem has found himself on the wrong side of changing times.

In the past several months, new policies and old laws have been both instituted and struck down. One of the greatest victories for the LGBT community came during this year’s Supreme Court decision to end DOMA. DOMA prevented same-sex couples from gaining the same benefits as legally recognized married couples under federal law.

Such dramatic change has had its impact on the rest of society. Attacks on gays and lesbians are now frowned upon by the larger part of America, and has resulted in the destruction of many reputations. Upon his newest release, “Marshall Mathers LP 2,” a follow up to his hit 2000 album, “The Marshall Mathers LP,” Eminem has once again found himself in the headlines of newspapers and magazines for the wrong reasons.  “Rap God,” a single from his newly released album, takes shots for about a quarter of a verse, demoralizing “gays” with lines like: “So gay I can barely say it with a straight face…”

Amidst the flare of critics and artists posting comments and articles bashing Eminem as homophobic, the rapper is managing to stand his ground by responding to the media, stating that his words do not entirely reflect his positions.  Chalking up his use of gay epithets as commonplace for him having been involved in rap for over two decades, the 41 year-old states that he is not anti-gay and uses such language out of the context of homosexuality.  Whatever the case may be, the negative attention, along with his seemingly unsatisfactory explanation, may sully the established rapper’s image for old fans and new ones alike.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bill de Blasio to Bloomberg: Move Over

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In the last public polling of New York voters from NBC and the Wall Street Journal, it appeared that Democratic mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio would win in a landslide election against his Republican opponent Joe Lhota, and that’s exactly what happened. 73 percent of likely voters cast their ballots for de Blasio, while Lhota ended up at a comparatively puny 24 percent. These strong results can be attributed to a large number of factors, and for de Blasio, it all came together at the right time.

For starters, let's take a look at the soon-to-be former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is one of the more well-known names in the country and arguably the most powerful mayor in the world with his network of both public and private connections through all forms of government, businesses, and investments. While not everyone has agreed with his tactics, he has left an undeniable mark on the office with his Republican-turned-Independent policies in a solidly Democratic state. However, one of the reasons why de Blasio ran away in a landslide is because of Bloomberg. It seems New Yorkers may be a bit fatigued after his three terms as mayor.

For de Blasio himself, regardless of politics, he has done just about everything right to be a strong political candidate. He used his campaign experience as a political operative to make himself a well-known and vocal public servant, running counter to an opposing candidate that wants to uphold the status quo.

What businesses can learn from de Blasio is how he managed to get himself out into the limelight. He started small, then worked his way up and made a name for himself. When campaigning, he knew exactly who his targeted audience was: the people of New York City. He also understood his voters wanted a change from Bloomberg. And finally, he advocated himself in clear support of his own cause with no evidence (so far) of flip-flopping, something which helped get President Obama elected in both his terms.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Centel Media Holiday Radio Ad

Friday, November 1, 2013

Not Everyone in Red Sox Nation is Celebrating

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Baseball fans across Boston celebrated in riotous joy Wednesday night at the final out of game six of the 2013 World Series. For the third time in a decade, they have become the national champions. The media frenzy capped off the win with commentaries and analysis of players, managers, coaches, umps, and any other topics and angles they could find.

Yet a disturbing undertone hummed beneath the usual statistics and congratulatory numbers repeated in the news and splashed across our computer screens. In describing the winners, the losers were held up to scrutiny as well. Not necessarily just the St. Louis Cardinals, either.

One popular memory dredged up for review was the last time Boston played a game six at Shea Stadium. In 1986, the Red Sox were in a ‘win the game or lose the championship’ situation against the Mets. In a disastrous mistake, Bill Buckner failed to make a rather routine play, allowing a ground ball to roll between his ankles. Boston lost the game and the championship, and Bill Buckner lost his outstanding reputation.

In his 20-year career, Buckner participated in 2,700 games, won a batting title, and played in All-Star games. But mention his name to baseball fans across the country, and what will they remember? Buckner’s mistake.

Titles like the World Series are never won or lost by one person. A whole team is responsible for the position in which they find themselves during a championship run. But, when a team fails in such as way as the Red Sox did in 1986, the fans often need a scapegoat. Poor old Buckner just happened to find himself in the crosshairs.

In Wednesday night’s game, Cardinal’s rookie pitcher Michael Wacha took the blame for the devastating loss. Wacha had been a superhero, a young kid who leveled Boston in game two, and whose postseason stats astonished even the most seasoned fans. But by the morning after the World Series loss, pundits clamored to figure out “What happened?” as they pointed fingers at his disappointing performance and burdened him with their defeat.

In today’s world of internet immediacy, one mistake can be magnified until reputations are decided by skewed or inaccurate information. Centel Media™ is an online reputation management company who can protect your image and your name from a bad call. Let us make sure that you have what you need to level the playing field in your own high-stakes game.

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