Thursday, December 12, 2013

To Hire Or Not To Hire A Web Design Professional

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It has been proven time and time again that a well-designed website has many benefits for small businesses, but how many small business owners really have the knowledge to build one? Rarely can someone with little or no experience can put together an excellent website, even with the overpriced packaged template fill-in-the-blank options.  A company page is a remarkably useful tool to have in your arsenal. Websites give entrepreneurs the chance to tell their brands’ story, engage current and potential customers, and experience growth.  Having a professionally built website makes a difference and  Centel Media™ can make that difference count. Here are just a few reasons why entrepreneurs should hire a pro to build their company website.

1.              Outsourcing saves you time.
Your time can be allocated to something else while the professionals handle your design needs. You can now focus on ensuring customer satisfaction, managing employees, or training staff.

2.                 Great design draws the eye to key information.
A professionally created site will catch the customer’s eye. Designers are trained to know exactly what elements to place on a page and where to place them in order to maximize attention and encourage viewers to spend more time on your site.  Images, charts, graphs, and superbly written content increase your sales.  

3.                 Increased visibility on search engines.
Professionals know how to apply SEO and have the expertise to effectively increase visibility of your site.  Centel Media™ professionals can use Google AdWords and other strategies to improve your ranking in search engines so customers see you first.

4.                 Polished content.
What you say and how you say it on your website affects your image and your reputation.  Centel Media™ provides professional writers who know how to perfectly word your copy so your business, brand, and reputation are exactly what you want them to be.

5.                 Wow them right away.
Amazing design can impress a potential client immediately by reflecting the level of professional service that a company provides. You will not look like an amateur.

If a brand new site isn’t in the works for you, improving upon a current website will give your company that professional edge it needs. Centel Media™ website experts can evaluate your current design and recommend changes to increase your visibility or engage your customers more.  Centel Media™ also offers comprehensive reputation management services. Your online presence and brand image are important. Centel Media™ website design helps your business become all you want it to be.

Nastassia Auguiste,
Creative Writer,

Chris MacEachern,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Strategies Mean Success for Ebook

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With the availability of e-readers and tablets increasing steadily over the past few years, it is no surprise that the world of print is making the leap to electronic books. Though readers may be disappointed to see businesses like Borders Books and Music disappear, the reality is that Borders did not embrace the web and ebook readers the way its competitor Barnes & Noble did. Tablets are becoming more easily accessible today as well because rivals of the Apple Ipad have released inexpensive alternatives that function about the same way.
An author with a newly published ebook must have a plan of attack if he intends to make a profit and grow his brand. An effective and well planned ebook campaign will lead to increased exposure for the author, building his credibility and increasing his sales. That’s where Centel Media comes in. Creating a buzz online is essential to driving book sales.
Centel Media provides comprehensive online reputation management services. Our team of professionals can provide services to enhance your ebook campaign such as press releases, Facebook and Twitter page design, unique and targeted social media optimization, wikipedia submissions, website design and more.
But why publish an ebook over a printed text? Some authors are drawn to ebooks because they are green. No pages means no trees used.  Some ebook publishers brand themselves around the concept of being environmentally sound.
Ebooks are cheaper to produce. Some sites offer self-publishing options for ebooks in a variety of price points.  It is also possible to find short online instructional courses to help format your own book.
Ebooks are widely accepted. Colleges have embraced digital books, offering textbooks for digital readers at drastically reduced prices.  Even some public libraries now offer digital books for readers to borrow. Ebooks can be sold across various retail websites such as , Apple iBookstore or even on the authors website or blog.
A press release announcing the publication date, a top notch Facebook and Twitter page, a new website are all tools that can create the online presence that will make your ebook a success. Let Centel Media help you on your e-publishing journey.
Nastassia Auguiste,
Creative Writer,

Chris MacEachern,

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tensions in the China Sea Cause Global Concern

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Since the end of World War II China and Japan have each claimed rightful possession of a small chain of uninhabited islands in the China Sea. Years ago, the two sides reached an uneasy status quo when each loosely agreed to disagree. But now the Chinese government has boldly declared an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over wide areas of the China Sea, including these islands and miles of international airspace. The newly invented Chinese no-fly zone requires all aircraft in the area to ask permission to enter the airspace and file flight plans. But this is international airspace, not sovereign Chinese airspace. As the Chinese official media publishes photos of the country’s steadily increasing arsenal and blames the necessity of this move on Japan, U.S. officials are assessing how volatile this situation might turn out to be.

The U.S. military flew two B-52 Bombers through the heart of the airspace to indicate that we do not acknowledge the ADIZ. China responded by stationing 24 of its own bombers near the no-fly zone and sending two military planes up to monitor air traffic. According to the US, the no-fly zone is an extremely provocative and mildly aggressive political action. Neighboring countries like South Korea and Japan are watching the situation closely. South Korea also has disputes with China over territory, and diplomats fear that South Korea will escalate tensions by declaring its own no-fly zone.   

Much of the political posturing and information gathering has taken place on the international media stage, with each side using global technologies to strengthen its arguments. The Chinese government controls all news outlets in its country, and has declared to its people and the world that the U.S. government should “stop indulging Japan’s recklessness in exchange for a mess of pottage.” These strong words were countered by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who said the U.S. was considering ‘mechanisms’ to avoid conflict, whatever that means.

Interestingly, U.S. economic strategists have also been watching these developments closely, updating their websites and blogs regularly. Some even speculate that perhaps this whole mess might translate into millions in sales for Boeing. Overall, the last thing the world needs is more conflict between these superpowers. But as the situation plays out we may find ourselves turning to the internet for the latest developments.

Your customers also depend on the internet to keep them informed. But if your business has been the target of negative publicity, contact Centel Media™. Our online reputationmanagement services can help you regain your standing. If your company has been hit by detractors, we can provide negative suppression services which target articles, images, videos, and reviews. Our team of writers and computer experts can publish press releases to show your company’s positive activities. There is no need for your media image to be shaped by someone else. We believe you have the right to control it.

Daniel King,
Creative Writer,
Chris MacEachern,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Amazon Drones Spark Heated Debate

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Amazon has a well-deserved reputation for trying new things and making them work. So when company CEO Jeff Bezos announced plans to create an army of unmanned drones to deliver Amazon products, people listened to what he had to say. On the 60 Minutes segment, Bezos even showed host Charlie Rose a video of the drone in action. Is this something Amazon can really accomplish? Or is it simply a marketing tactic?

Skeptics dismiss the idea as unfeasible because of the cumbersome privacy issues, the federal regulations regarding use of the machines, and most importantly, the lack of current technology to support his vision. Bezos himself admitted during the show that the technology was "still years away,” so he won’t be launching his army anytime soon. Cynics regard the idea as a publicity stunt in order to attract attention for Amazon. Some even openly insulted Bezos, contemptuously calling his vision “dumb.”

On the other hand, this may be our future ten or twenty years down the line. If Bezo’s idea comes to fruition, Amazon will have yet another innovation to its name. But Amazon isn’t the only one investigating the capabilities of drones. Domestic drones are already available and commercial ones are in the prototype stages. Those supporting expanded use of drones argue that this technology is invaluable to commercial and non-defense uses such as extinguishing fires, spraying pesticides, and monitoring radiation. When equipped with heat-sensing technology, drones can aid humanitarian efforts like locating survivors after a
natural disaster.

But others argue that drones pose a threat even domestically. Besides being equipped with heat sensors, drones can integrate GPS, infrared cameras, and license plate readers, making it extremely easy to track individuals. Despite Congress’s insistence that the 70 drones they have allowed to fly in U.S. airspace be used by civilian authorities only, many fear that this technology can easily end up in enemy hands and be altered and misused.

While creating a drone delivery army may or may not be a publicity ploy, Amazon has certainly captured the public’s attention. If your company needs a publicity boost, Centel Media™ can provide the tools necessary to jumpstart interest in your business. We offer a multitude of online reputation management services, including the creation of press releases, social media pages, and websites/blogs. We also provide search engine optimization by improving Google AdWords analytics and increasing efficiency in website and social media visitor traffic. Amazon's Bezos may have intrigued some and been scoffed at by others, but we can see to it that no one dismisses your company.

Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,
Chris MacEachern,

Monday, December 2, 2013

HP Recharged Under Whitman

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Major computer manufacturers, such as DELL and Hewlett-Packard, are trying to keep their circuits from frying in the new mobile age. They face a marketplace that no longer considers them to be the only options for computing. Smartphones and tablets are a more accessible and simpler way for consumers to get the information they need when on the go. While the computing power of mobile devices may not be on the same level as today's personal computers, the pros of the mobile format seem to outweigh any cons. Thus, companies like HP need to find an alternate source of revenue to lessen the impact of lost sales. Meg Whitman, the current CEO of HP, has decided to emphasize her company's interest in other sectors in order to boost profit earnings.

HP is known for their printers and personal computers, but because of declining sales, these once-dominant branches of the company cannot carry HP’s future any longer. Instead, Whitman is concentrating on networking operations in China and enterprise hardware, markets that other competitors, such as IBM, have failed to make any headway. This new approach has driven sales above the expectations of investors.

Whitman's strategy is to grow beyond her company's borders. For companies that are focused on a particular product, this always comes as a dreaded, last-ditch effort, since it often results in nothing but big success or bust. When a company's product becomes outdated, the only remaining option is to take a risk, even if that requires the company to direct its attention away from their previous priorities. In fact, it was the survival of HP’s status quo that drove Whitman to pursue a different angle in the first place. Sure the company could live on without PC sales, but it wouldn't be the same, so instead of rebranding, she decided to pursue an additional path.

Managing your company's brand above its original vision is a challenging task, especially online, but Centel Media™ can ease your company's burdens. As an online reputation management firm, we provide options that could help advertise your company's new approach. Our services include Google AdWords optimization, and the creation of press releases, websites, blogs, social media pages, and Wikipedia articles. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that your business succeeds at its online ventures, so your company can adapt to an ever-changing market.

Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,

Matthew Shaffer,

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dates back to 1621 with the celebration at Plymouth in Massachusetts. The Thanksgiving tradition continued to New England, but harvest festivals were not regular events until the 1660s. On November 26, 1789, President George Washington declared the first nationwide thanksgiving celebration.

 Centel Media™ would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah from Centel Media. In honor of the holiday, we present eight crazy days of online reputation management. Check back here for posts about new products and services. We’ll keep the candle burning for you.