Thursday, February 13, 2014

Facebook vs Princeton: Is Your Online Reputation In Good Hands?

Centel Media
Facebook and Princeton had a small sparring match, but what does the university’s findings mean for social media users?

            The format for building a successful business has changed over the years. Now more than ever the Internet has become detrimental to the progress of any business. Your online credibility is as good enough as your word.Centel Media™ understands such a significant asset as the internet, which is why we offer wonderful onlin ereputation management services.  Just to prove our point, the infamous Facebook suffered a mighty blow to their online reputation a few days ago, due to a study conducted by Princeton University.
            The study conducted claims that Facebook could lose over 80% of its users by 2017. The data collected also seems to suggest that Facebook has already reached its peak of popularity and is now entering a decline. Other researchers and even Facebook themselves have admitted that they are in fact losing younger users to other social networking sites. Facebook officially responded by playfully claiming that they used the same study to find out that Princeton University’s enrollment rate is expected to decrease to half of its current enrollment by 2018. Facebook even took it a step further by saying that by 2021 Princeton will only be a mere memory among other colleges.
            Even though Facebook’s response can be seen as a humorous yet good attempt to discredit the study conducted by Princeton University, it doesn’t hide the fact that their online reputation took a major hit. Social media users want to be involved with a site that is popular and generates a lot of interaction instead of one that is rumored to be heading on the path to irrelevance. The effects of these attacks on your online reputation can be quick and costly; a lot of businesses don’t even see it coming. We at Centel Media™ believe that everyone’sonline reputation should be safe and secured. Our firm has designed and implemented three simple steps in which I like to call Triple S, that help any client restore the damage that was done to their onlinereputation.
            The three S’s are study, strategize and succeed.  Centel Media™ will study the nature of the attacks against the client, strategize to change negative search results, and succeed by opening the floodgates for positive information regarding the client. This is something that all businesses and individuals need to take care of before it’s too late.

Tia’Lavon Butler,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,