Friday, November 15, 2013

Baldwin's Stalker Will Get the Last Laugh

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Alec Baldwin is one of those Hollywood actors with a mixed image. On one hand, he is respected for his acting talent and charisma in movies and television. On the other hand, he has well-publicized scandals that involve airliners, mobile games, and hurling insults at his own daughter. Like him or hate him, he remains an influential and popular actor. Most actors and actresses deal with harassment from the paparazzi constantly, an act many would consider a legal form of stalking. But it’s when there’s a true case of stalking that an actor or actress runs into problems that may spiral away from their control.

Enter one Genevieve Sabourin, a Canadian woman who met Baldwin on a movie set in 2002 and later in 2010 at a dinner. She claims to have had a very intimate relationship with him starting in 2011, but Baldwin has flatly denied her allegations in court hearings, adding that she was imagining all of these scenarios in her head. While one can make the argument that Baldwin is lying due to his past mistakes, Sabourin's behavior and activities have not made her case supportable in the least. Baldwin has been avoiding journalists regarding the trial, while Sabourin gleefully absorbs the media attention. She was also arrested many times and even defied a restraining order by attempting to contact Baldwin and his wife online.

Baldwin has a big problem here. Once again, he’ll be needing to spend some time cleaning up his image after the trial. Even if Sabourin's story was proven to be completely false in the future, he still has to deal with the current media backlash and negative comments by people who don’t like how Baldwin handled the case. Even worse, if someone manages to prove his side of the story wrong, his marriage would most likely end and nobody would ever take him seriously again.

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