Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Strategy Tips on How to Generate Online Reviews

Strategy Tips on How to Generate Online Reviews

It is very important in today's business world that you receive positive online reviews in order for your business to strive and continue to succeed. Statistics have proven that customers are very hesitant to do business with a company that has a plethora of negative reviews; however, on the other hand, customers tend to not trust a business when there are no reviews pertaining to that business. Positive or negative reviews are important to the brand, but obviously you would want your business to be receiving a lot more positive reviews than negative ones. If you are not doing so already, it is extremely important for you to have online positive reviews. Logically you cannot force someone to write positive reviews, however these helpful strategies will help towards building those positive listings you will need for your business reputation.

Offering Remarkable Experiences

It is very common to hear businesses say that they offer great customer experience, and have a very friendly staff; however, that is not what earns positive reviews. Your staff should give the client a very satisfying experience that he/she will find remarkable and worth writing a review on.

Thinking in the Long Run

Going after great scores on Yelp and other sites where reviews are made is not enough in order for you to continue receiving positive reviews. You should find all the possible means that will make your clients happy. This should not be for the short run but an overall satisfaction that will be ongoing.

Training is the Starting Point

A great consumer experience all begins with the staff that you have on board. Having a  friendly and knowledgeable staff is extremely important because it ties in with the client's experience. Here at Centel Media™we make sure that our staff is knowledgeable about the services that we offer. Usually bad experiences happen when the staff at a certain business does not have the information or resources in order to better help their clients. You want to make sure you explain to your team members how important it is to give a client a remarkable customer experience.

Just Ask

All the tips and strategies above are necessary in order to receive positive reviews; however, it is not enough. It is also necessary to ask your client to write a  good review and describe the overall customer experience that he/she received. Training your staff members to ask for these positive reviews is also a must because you need to go out of your way in order to receive these review. Post links on your website and make sure that you let the customer know that you want this positive review!