Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Building From the Ground Up

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You worked hard to build your business and now you want to enjoy the success that came with all the hard work, sacrifice and dedication. But you might come across a problem that threatens your business and its online profile.

When you build your business whether it is online or brick and mortar you make sure that your foundation is strong so that it cannot be taken down or easily taken down that is. Your business is a reflection of you and how your foundation is as a person will translate into the makeup of your business. When you come across a negative comment about your business it is almost like someone insulting you as well, like I said your business is an extension of you. Your foundation plays a major part in your business ensuring that it can make  it through tough times, if it is weak then you won't be in business for to long because you will find yourself having to constantly go back to ground floor and do repairs to your foundation. If your company is not properly built to stand up against a negative reputation then as a business owner you will find yourself constantly on that ground floor. A strongly built company will be prepared to defend itself against any attack whether it comes from any type of customer forum to Social Media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Building your foundation will take teamwork you can't do it by yourself, it's not that you are unequipped to but as a business owner your efforts need to be put more into your operations. Also, as a business owner you will feel obligated to respond back and defend your business which is very noble but not smart for business.

That helping hand comes in the form of Reputation Management which helps with you building your foundation. What you are unable to do with your online profile a Reputation Management company like Centel Media™ steps in to help make sure your strong in all aspects of your business. With Centel Media™ in your corner as a business owner you should feel at ease knowing that any attack against you is being dealt with and your company can continue to operate in a positive light. How you build your company from the ground up will determine if your company will succeed having Centel Media™ help you will can determine if your company will last.

Who's Talking About You?

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
When you create your online business it should be expected that you are going to have negative comments about you whether they are warranted or not. The solution to dealing with this problem is hiring the proper Reputation Management firm to help restore your company's positive online profile.

In the global world we live in there is no way to that you are going to make everyone happy though you may try to its just impossible. All customers want to feel like they are number one and as a business owner you want to make them feel that they are. The moment a customer feels slighted or like they are being treated like second rate customer you are in for a world of bad press, especially if those complaints are coming from some customers that have been doing business with you for a number years. A negative reputation will  spread faster than a positive one and as a business owner you will find yourself asking the question who is talking about me now? This questions should never have a negative tone to it but unfortunately it does even the best companies have negative reviews. But what are you going to do about these comments, you most certainly cannot sit by and assume that they will just pass over if you do you are also watching profit pass by to. Like I  mentioned before we are living in a GLOBAL society which means I can complain about a company in the U.S. and someone in England could read it. Now it might not deter them from doing business with you but my complaint will be in the back of their head, and if they come across the same issue that I did then now you have a negative reputation that has gone global.

What you can to alleviate this is protect yourself by hiring a Reputation Management firm that will completely transform your company's online profile taking it from the bottom of the barrel to the top pack. Without this you can begin to countdown the days that your business has left to operate because you won't be doing business for long. As a business owner you must take advantage of a Reputation Management firm out there, in fact I would suggest being proactive it will allow you to get a head start on any online business repair that is in your future.

Stand Out and Stand Above All

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
All businesses are different but they all look the same, to avoid following this trend you as a business owner must find ways to stand out among a crowd and find your niche in the world of online business.

Now that you have your business up and running the next step is to attract customers that will begin to do business with you online. If you are a brick and mortar store the transition shouldn't be hard for most of your customers. In fact in today’s tech savvy world one could say you need to put more focus on you online business to connect with those who cannot shop at your store in person. But what if you are just beginning the transition to online business it can be overwhelming to see your competitors have already beat you to the punch and are firmly entrenched in doing business online, What do you do? While taking on this enormous task on your own would be your first thought you should ask yourself two questions, How effective would I be? and Can this time be spent more focused on my business operations rather than having to spread myself thin trying to situate my business online. The answer to the first question varies on your knowledge of technology in some aspects, the second answer though is a simple one. If you are spending time trying to establish yourself online you are seriously taking yourself away from other parts of your business that may be more important. Don't get me wrong all parts of your business are important but its best to leave some things to a more knowledgeable company that has more experience and can bring out the best in your company while you can focus on other parts of your company.

That leaves you in a good position to hire a strong onlineReputation Management firm such as Centel Media™ a company that is dedicated to helping you build from the ground up. From domain name registration to establishing yourself on Social Media networks Centel Media™ does it all. It can be very hard running a business there are so many things that you need to be aware of that if you’re not can cost you big time. But with a strong company like Centel Media™ working for you, you can rest assure that your business will prosper and succeed in whatever sector it is in.

How to Deal with Twitter Hackers

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
With today's technology there are a lot of problems that could go wrong with your reputation online. One problem that should be addressed and handled the right way is that of Twitter hacking. Your online name and image could be damaged in the manner of seconds, but you should not panic, and instead take a look of these steps that should be taken if you encounter with this type of situation.

When you finally notice that your twitter account has been hacked there is of course a sense of panic and fear, this is normal but you must remember to take a deep breath and do not act out of emotion. Acting of emotion is not rational thinking and by doing so you will only make the matter worse.
The next step is to gain control of your Twitter account by answering questions pertaining to your account, if this is not enough then you should contact a professional in customer service whom will help. The people in customer service are there to help and you must remember and take advantage of these services.

The next step is delete the tweets that were falsely made and caused damage to your account. Sometimes deleting tweets is all you need to do in order to eliminate the problem, but other times you will have to inform your followers about the hacking. Remember, you must deal with the situation with extreme care, how you deal with situation in this stage is a big indication on what kind of recovery you will make.

Every business owner should be prepared to encounter these kind of problems with social media networks. If you do not think you are prepared to deal with this type of situation or you do not want the stress on thinking about other people hacking your account, you should hire a professional that will deal with all the problems that come up.

Blogs Help Your Reputation and Here Is Why

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
It is common for a successful business to do everything right and still have the reputation that he/she does not want. This is due to the negative comments some people make, or other rival companies simply bashing your name on chats and other sources of communication through the internet. If you are experiencing such problems then there is a need to reestablish your reputation, and creating a blog the right way can help fix this problem.

Creating a Blog

If you do not have a blog you should create one because it is extremely important and ideal to help your online reputation. This is especially true when negative comments are over shadowing your business. Writing a blog that relates to your business is one route you can take, or can you write blogs you feel passionate about. You must remember to be original and not to plagiarize because if you do that is the first thing that is going to come up on google search, and further hurt your credibility and most importantly your reputation.

Being committed and posting new information and content to your blog every day is extremely important as well. Doing this for a long period of time is only going to help your online reputation. Tumblir, Wordpress, and TypePad are great do it yourself blogs that are available, and the best way to take advantage of this is to use all the tools that are accessible to you. Filling out the most information out of the blog is beneficial to your readers, and it is the best way to connect with them.

Setting up your blog with Google+ for example is a much recommended service that you should take in trying to repair or sustain your online reputation. Google+ lets people vote on your blog, and the more votes you get helps your blog to be rated in higher in search engines on the web. Linking up your blog with Facebook, Twitter, etc. are also beneficial because you get more eyes on your blog and thus enriching your online reputation as more and more people are reading about your blog.

The content in your blog is of course the most important, writing humorous thoughtful blog posts will help you sustain and gain loyal readers. These people will tell others about your blog and expanding to areas that will be beneficial in the long run. Using keywords that people used negatively to hurt your online reputation should be used in your blogs so that it will show up first rather than then the negative comments people have made about your business.

When your blog is successful, and you have given the time and effort in order to do this will help your blogs to be in the first page of Google. This will help eliminate the negative comments about your business to be moved further down the page. Remember that blogging is extremely important in promoting your online reputation.

Summary: Your online reputation is a very important factor that should never be ignored. Writing blogs in a consistent basis will help sustain and improve your online reputation.