Thursday, December 12, 2013

To Hire Or Not To Hire A Web Design Professional

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It has been proven time and time again that a well-designed website has many benefits for small businesses, but how many small business owners really have the knowledge to build one? Rarely can someone with little or no experience can put together an excellent website, even with the overpriced packaged template fill-in-the-blank options.  A company page is a remarkably useful tool to have in your arsenal. Websites give entrepreneurs the chance to tell their brands’ story, engage current and potential customers, and experience growth.  Having a professionally built website makes a difference and  Centel Media™ can make that difference count. Here are just a few reasons why entrepreneurs should hire a pro to build their company website.

1.              Outsourcing saves you time.
Your time can be allocated to something else while the professionals handle your design needs. You can now focus on ensuring customer satisfaction, managing employees, or training staff.

2.                 Great design draws the eye to key information.
A professionally created site will catch the customer’s eye. Designers are trained to know exactly what elements to place on a page and where to place them in order to maximize attention and encourage viewers to spend more time on your site.  Images, charts, graphs, and superbly written content increase your sales.  

3.                 Increased visibility on search engines.
Professionals know how to apply SEO and have the expertise to effectively increase visibility of your site.  Centel Media™ professionals can use Google AdWords and other strategies to improve your ranking in search engines so customers see you first.

4.                 Polished content.
What you say and how you say it on your website affects your image and your reputation.  Centel Media™ provides professional writers who know how to perfectly word your copy so your business, brand, and reputation are exactly what you want them to be.

5.                 Wow them right away.
Amazing design can impress a potential client immediately by reflecting the level of professional service that a company provides. You will not look like an amateur.

If a brand new site isn’t in the works for you, improving upon a current website will give your company that professional edge it needs. Centel Media™ website experts can evaluate your current design and recommend changes to increase your visibility or engage your customers more.  Centel Media™ also offers comprehensive reputation management services. Your online presence and brand image are important. Centel Media™ website design helps your business become all you want it to be.

Nastassia Auguiste,
Creative Writer,

Chris MacEachern,