Monday, June 3, 2013

How I See You

How we see each other is very different from the thousands of people we see everyday on the street getting to where we have to go. Those are thousands of opinions and thousands of impressions all different from one another which makes the situation even more unique. Now lets take those thousands of opinions and put it into Google and click search, that number goes from thousands to the upper hundreds of millions. When you take all those results you should know you are more than likely going to find more than one bad review or negative comment that may be true or not depending on who you speak to, but this adds to the uniqueness of the internet all results won't be positive.

When the results tend to bring up malicious rumors and damaging information thats when it becomes a problem. No matter if you are a regular person or someone running for some kind of office these results tend to give bad impressions to people who never met you but this is the only way of them knowing you. To a business positive Reputation Management can be the difference of a positive quarterly earning to one that came up short due to some false information being said about you online. It is imperative for a company to also look good on Social Media. Overlooking that will doom you from the start you'll drive away customers before you've had the chance to say hello. As we can see Reputation Management covers all steps when it comes to representing you online.

While there are many ways to alert you anytime something is being said about you, in my opinion none are as effective as hiring a Reputation Management firm to fully take on those responsibilities for you. It can be a daunting task to try and run a business and try to manage your company's reputation online as well as dealing with Social Media. Yes you can take progressive and preventive steps to help manage your online profile but with technology always expanding you will find yourself getting negative reports from places you have never even done business in before. Of course the best way to avoid this is not to get caught in any compromising situations, don't get arrested for any crime and please don't post pictures of a drunken escapade. While you may think it was cool your future employer doesn't and as we have learned recently the love you are looking for online won't either. But we all are human and mistakes will be made but how we move on from them is telling about our character and hopefully we learn from them.

Foundation Built To Last

Without a solid foundation anything built within time is bound to fall leaving you right where you were before you began the process of building, square one. Anything that isn't carefully researched or supported by facts can be just as damaging as a weak foundation. Both are going to produce similar results and can be avoided by researching and developing a strong foundation that makes it nearly impossible to take you down with just one blow.

All big companies need a rugged system to play the role of enforcer making sure that whatever is being said about you is up to your standards giving the most honest reviews possible. These enforcers are given the task to search the internet far and wide going places that only few search engines would care to, but that's the job of the enforcer to do the job no one wants. There is nothing beautiful about it there will be no parties or any celebrations for you. There is none needed though in all honesty your satisfaction comes from knowing that you are the foundation of your company, ensuring that as long as you are working that it will continue to thrive, prosper and out due all rivals. The stronger your hub the more successful your company is because it has done its fair share of researching targeted areas that were sensitive to your company and have now turned those into strengths. We can't forget Social Media and its presence but your team has you covered and has made sure you are properly represented from Facebook to Twitter, less time spent on these task means more time to spend on other profit increasing projects.

A company that wants to survive and eventually expand has to invest in a good R&D team or as I call them enforcers. What they mean to your company cannot be understated or undervalued. Having them doing proper research is beneficial to you because it makes sure everyones hard work is not going to waste. If your marketing, promotion and other parts of your business are intact but you have a bad online reputation it overrides everything that you have built so far. You have nothing to support you if you are faced with negative reports online, false rumors being spread about you on Social Media or any Reputation Management situation. What a great R&D team does for you is gives you a piece of mind knowing you can go full speed ahead with your company because you know your foundation is solid and won't crumble under pressure.

Google Has Your Back

The tech world can be a world full of opportunity and hope. Dreams become reality and can further expand than one could have ever imagined linking you with people from all over the world and who come from different walks of life. It can also be a cruel world one where there are countless amounts of people looking to take advantage of you and your company. While there isn't much to do to get rid of those that are up to no good, search engines are now providing ways to protect yourself from them.

Google is first in line when it comes to protecting your company's online reputation and makes sure that you are getting the most out of the products it uses. As the world moves forward and people begin to become more tech savvy there are a few people who choose to use their knowledge for bad rather than putting it to better use. Hackers, spam and all things malicious on the internet can destroy a company just for the fun of it not taking into account all the hard work that you put into building your brand. As a business owner one way to avoid this ever happening to you is making sure you are always updated with the newest software so that it makes it harder for your company to be breached for someone’s amusement. With Google now using Penguin 2.0 it becomes even harder to tamper with your company online. Search engines need to update every so often to keep hackers and spam related sites from getting too much of a strangle hold of your online reputation which will make it even harder to change once given the resources to. Preparing for the change to Penguin 2.0 ahead of time gives you an advantage over your rivals as you will have already gone through the process of system wide change and can quickly get back to business.

The change to Penguin 2.0 shouldn't be a major change if you are used to using Google products but if not you might want to consider the change. Penguin 2.0 can only have a positive impact on your company by making it more secure using Google's upgraded algorithm. The impact of not using it can be severe and hold your company back as you watch others make profit and continue to expand. The key to success is there it’s up to you to use it.