Thursday, July 25, 2013

Results May Vary

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If your online reputation has been damaged, your first step in repairing it should be hiring a reputable firm that will help bring you back to the position you were at before. While the reputation management firm is doing its job, you need to be making sure you are doing yours. That means doing things that you did not do previously, things that contributed to the development of a negative reputation.

I can give you the key, but it is up to you to not only use it, but to use it wisely. That is how a company who is undergoing a reputation repair should be approaching their second chance at success. Your main objective should be to make your company better than it was before by capitalizing on overlooked opportunities, instead of repeating mistakes.

The firm you hire is going to do their job no matter what. The public will begin to see you back in the positive spotlight, but you cannot rest on your laurels and assume that just because you have made it back into the good graces that the work is done. That could not be farther from the truth. By assuming, you are setting yourself up to fail again and this time you might not come back from it.

Individuals who hire reputation firms are under the same rules as businesses, but they are more in control. This is because they are the brand, so there is more of an emphasis on the individual rather than teamwork. Just like a business, you have to show what you are doing to improve your image and reputation in conjunction with the professional help you hired.

Doing charitable work is one way to show you are trying to change your image. Become a spokesperson for an organization of your choice. What is important is that you should want to improve your image and reputation. If your income depends on you getting work, but your online reputation is a mess and your image in public is even worse, you can forget about getting good work.

Businesses should want to change because they need customers to survive, not the other way around. The beauty of competition is that we have options, so if you don't think it is important to fix your reputation, expect to see your profit consistently drop. Even if you decide to get help to repair, there is no guarantee that customers will come back. So, it is in your best interest to get to work and immediately fix any glaring holes in your image before they get too big.

Positive results come from changing your image for the greater good and longevity of your company.