Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Tools for Online Brand Management

Centel Media™ online Reputation Management has found a way to manage and decide what results will be shown first when entered into a search engine. Putting your Business online is a way of expanding from the normal brick and mortar stores that we have become accustomed to seeing, while having a website is a surefire way of increasing sales it can also be a feeding ground for rival competitors, hackers and the worst of all dissatisfied customers who will stop at nothing to continuously tear your brand down. When you search any company within the first few results you are more than likely to find a site or two that gives reviews positive and negative. Reviews are beneficial for both the consumer and the producer but in certain instances you get faulty reviews that can discourage a shopper from giving their business to that company because of what they have read online which may or may not be true. Even well-known established brands can be hurt by faulty reviews and it can severely hurt not only your sales but your image as well.

One must also take into consideration the global impact that can be felt from these actions, relationships with customers overseas can be damaged and you will most certainly see a revenue decrease on a global scale which is never a good thing. You put your business online to appeal to customers not only in your home country but abroad as well. Someone in Paris who may love the product you sell but may not ever get the chance to visit your flagship location, so online is the only way they would be able to give you their business. Losing any customer is never a good thing but in business it happens but you don't want to lose them from some false claim or malicious attack on your brand.

Living in the "Golden Age" of social media word can spread very fast and often times there is nothing you can do to stop the wheels once they are in motion. What Reputation Management has done is found a way to filter through all of the information that is provided about a website and provide the best results when it is looked up in search engines online. Centel Media™ has made it possible for only the best review sites to be included in searches so that customers are getting a non-biased, honest review of the company they are searching. You work hard to build and maintain your business and for it to be ran through the mud on false claims is a tough pill to swallow, but Reputation Management has stepped in to make that pill a lot less painful to take. Giving both you and your potential customer the best opportunity to form a relationship that will last many years.