Friday, July 19, 2013

Leave Rivals in the Dust With Online Reputation Management

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Companies that take themselves seriously and really care what the customer says are going to go out of their way to make sure their reputation is spotless. You will be surprised how much of a difference a clean online reputation can make in terms of your numbers moving up. Even if it is a couple of percentage points, it is an improvement from where you were an hour, day or month ago-- all business should be striving for this.

Your online reputation is more important than you might think it is. Just because you have customers and your profit is steady does not mean you should rest on your laurels. As a business owner, you should be coming up with ways to improve your positioning. Contrary to popular belief, it is not too hard to come up with new ideas. Great ideas are often times sitting right in front of you, but you have to make the choice to go out looking for it.

If you look at your business from a customer’s perspective, you will be able to nitpick and see what changes should be made. Now you know why your profits have been steady rather than improving and now you can work on those changes. If your profits have been steady, than changing your company a bit will only move you up and into a leadership position among your peers. You will get first dibs when it comes to customers and partnerships with businesses around the world.

Unlike your peers, you are not satisfied with average returns. If you are putting everything into your company, you should be getting more than average results. Online reputation management can help you in several ways. Perhaps you do have a clean reputation, but you're lacking a presence on social media. A company like Centel Media™  can help you with your presence on social media. Having a presence on social media can expand your horizons and connect you with a bigger audience of customers that you did not have before.

Maybe your webpage needs an overhaul. It has become a little too hard to navigate and is not too appealing to the eye anymore. No need to look any further than Centel Media™ . That's right; the same company that got you exposure on social media can help fix your webpage. Your reputation is in check, so there is no need to bother with that. However, if it wasn't, you know who to go to. As you can see, these are minor changes. There are no mass layoffs or press conferences to announce an M&A.

Changes that occur from within will boost your image and leave your rivals in the dust. Smart business owners are constantly aware of how their reputation looks.

The Beauty of Having Options

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
Having options give us the ability to choose what we want to associate ourselves with and give our business to. We have the ability to choose from a variety of options that offer the best product or company that best fits our needs and preferences. Businesses have many options too, though they may not exercise them as much as consumers they do have options on how they choose to operate their businesses, the location and many other choices to choose from.

When we are presented with a list to choose from we are given the option to choose a business or brand that has the best product, customer services and presents themselves in the best way possible. It is in the best interest for a business to put a lot of emphasis on all three of those criteria, but the last one could be a deal breaker for most customers, so you must make sure that your image and reputation is respectable.

There are millions of businesses out there that all compete for the service of customers. They are all trying to stand out and prove why they are the best option for us to choose. Having options can get confusing if you are bombarded with them all at once, which is why you should take your time when looking them over. Consider the pros and the cons. There is no right or wrong answer, but the decision you make can have an impact for many years to come. It is in your best interest to pick the business with whom you can maintain long term stability with.

Businesses have to be a little less picky when it comes to options. As I stated earlier, in terms of operations and locations they are flexible, but when it comes to other things like profit, customer service and overall image, businesses have one option and that is to be professional. Businesses are the options. Rather than having an option to choose, they are the ones being chosen. 

With this in mind, the pressure is on businesses to make sure they stand out from the pack. However, in order to really stand out, they have to offer something that others don't. Maybe they do offer it, but just not in a way that you do. To me, that is standing out. You all offer the same service, but there is one little thing that separates you from the pack and makes you the best option for a customer to give their business to.

Options give us the freedom to choose what we want. It also keeps businesses competitive so the best product and service rises to the top.

Bigger Than Your Reputation

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
Your online reputation goes everywhere with you. It doesn't take a rest. Even when you are asleep, it is awake protecting your business, but still vulnerable to any negative attack. Your reputation doesn't just live at home, it travels all over. Even though you are doing work in one specific country, your reputation could be thousands of miles away and you don't even know it.

Globalization has brought the world together and has allowed many people in other countries to make a living, but unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs due to globalization, so it is a double edged sword. Big businesses have used globalization to get work done faster and more effectively, but that doesn't come without its own troubles such as unfair labor practices, low wages and other inhumane actions that have taken place over the years.

As consumers we really don't think about what the process is to get the clothes and shoes we're only interested if they have our size and color we want. If you think that is harsh, imagine the reputation some of these companies that have businesses overseas who make clothes. A lot can be said about a person who knows that they are treating people unfairly but still continues to do business in the same way. The reputation that these companies have is being attacked on a daily basis, mostly negative, but they somehow manage to do business and make profit.

Most companies are aware of what is being said about them online, both domestically as well as internationally, but they refuse to let that interfere with the business. Many of these same businesses have been boycotted or has had rallies and marches in front of their headquarters. So, if people have taken action and it is known by those in charge that they participate in these practices, why hasn't it stopped?   

These businesses have become too successful to fail. Their presence in the business world has become bigger than their reputations, and it shows. As I pointed out earlier, consumers are not too concerned with how the clothes are made. If you were to go online and look at the reviews, you wouldn't find one about labor practices. Instead, you would see most reviews about the quality of clothing and the speed of shipping. For the past couple of years, businesses have begun providing better services and making an attempt to improve their reputations. It is a slow process that won't happen overnight, but if they continue to work at it on a daily basis, it will improve.

Your presence can be bigger than everything else, including your reputation. You shouldn't rest if you have a negative reputation though, because that can quickly catch up.