Friday, August 23, 2013

Adapting to Your Reputation Needs

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You wouldn’t shop at a hardware store when you needed new dinnerware, and you wouldn’t visit a flower shop hoping to find toothpaste. Choosing the right type of store is common sense, but what if you did and ended up with a product below your standards? Like if you went into a clothing store only to find jeans of the wrong fit, color or size. Would you still buy them? They're close enough, right? Or would you hold out, go to another store and find something that meets all your expectations, not just a majority of them.
When searching for a specific product, it can often become tedious and frustrating, especially when we don't have much time or are constrained by finances. When we're limited, we end up settling for something that comes close to meeting our needs but lacks in some way. Brand Reputation Management Software works similarly to the jeans in the clothing store mentioned earlier: a product designed to “fit” hundreds of different company shapes and sizes, molded vaguely enough to work with every company. These programs are built on data collection and analysis, advanced algorithm for auto-categorization, associating keywords and common terminology to monitor your brand's presence in social media.
The problem here is that each industry and each individual company have their own unique language related to their specialty. Realizing the specific needs of each individual industry and company, the best brand reputation management firms don't wait to take the initiative in programming new words and customizing key phrases into their software, all to broaden the pool of data collected.
Monitoring collected data is only one element in the detailed and intricate process of managing your online reputation. Before your brand can be monitored, it must be established. Creating a solid foundation for your brand name is essential to the success of your online reputation.
If you're looking to increase brand visibility and online reputation, you should want to stand out from the crowd, not ‘fit’ into a computer program and predestined mold. Don’t settle for a company that only meets some of your needs and only fulfills most of your expectations. At Centel Media™ we work individually and specifically for you or your company and include keywords that describe your expertise or product.

Online reputation management should be detailed to your specific interests, not for a generalized whole.