Friday, January 3, 2014

Snapchat's Reputation Disappears Faster than Its Photos

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What is one of the biggest goals for any one business in this global market? To thrive and advance in this technologically and economically spinning world. This requires attention to name and brand.  The more successful you are, the more quickly your rivals will try to discredit you. Ask Evan Spiegal and Bobby Murphy, the creative geniuses behind Snapchat. Overnight they have gone from ‘friendly nerds who made it big’ to ‘greedy ingrates who left consumers to hang.’

Snapchat is a photomessaging app that allows users to take a picture or record a video and send their creation to anyone
on a personal list of recipients. The difference between Snapchat and other photo apps, however, is that the user sets a limit for how long the ‘snap’ can be viewed by the recipient, usually between one and ten seconds.  Once the brief time is up, the photo is no longer viewable on the recipient’s device, and Snapchat deletes the picture from its servers. This freedom to send information that supposedly disappears and escapes the fearsome “once it’s on the web it never goes away” mantra immediately gained popularity with the 15-25 age group, and later gained earned even more with the over 30’s.

The minds behind the Snapchat app, CEO Evan Spiegel and tech expert Bobby Murphy, are certainly thriving and advancing. The Snapchat “revolution,” as some have coined it, has taken off. Now worth $2 billion with $100 million invested in its future growth, the Snapchat brand and reputation has unlimited potential.
Or rather, had unlimited potential.

Snapchat is reeling from the revelation that 4.6 million phone numbers and user names may have been taken from their databases and published online because of their poor data security procedures. Worse yet, accusers claim Spiegel was told last week about flaws in the security and did little or nothing to fix them. Maybe he thought his company was invincible to a cyber attack, or maybe he was too busy holiday shopping with his millions. His betrayed consumers don’t know and don’t care. Snapchat’s image as a fun, customer-oriented company with a friendly app has disappeared overnight, and it is faced with the daunting task of trying to repair its image with millions of angry customers.

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