Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Army Is Coming!

Centel Media
Centel Media, the top online reputation management companies offers a variety of services such as, social media optimization. Social media optimization can help prevent and rebuild after incidents such as the hacking of CNN’s social media accounts.

It seems as though everyone from all races, ages, and area codes are affiliated with some kind of social media site. The medium has even become an important aspect of business affairs as well. The last thing anyone would want is for their social media site to be compromised for any reason. For example, the Cable News Network or CNN as it’s commonly referred to as is one of the leading  news channels in today’s society. Last Thursday, some of CNN’s social media accounts were hacked. Making sure your social media page is properly optimized is one of the ways we can deal with this issue.
The accounts that were affected include CNN’s main facebook account, CNN politics facebook account, and both their main and security clearance Twitter pages. Other accounts that were compromised were blogs for The Lead, Political Ticker, Crossfire, Security Clearance, and The Situation Room. The hackers who invaded the site claimed to be apart of a Syrian Electronic Army. This group consists of pro-Syrian hackers who aggressively target major activists and news organizations. The Syrian Electronic Army has previously claimed to be responsible for last year’s 20-hour blackout of the New York Times website.
The comments that the hackers posted on CNN’s twitter account said “The Syrian Electronic Army was here...Stop lying...All your reports are fake!” Another comment posted by the group on CNN’s twitter account explained their reasoning for hacking which was to retaliate against “viciously lying reporting aimed at prolonging the suffering in Syria.” The comments were immediately handled by CNN but not without possibly causing some damage to their online reputation.  Social media optimization should definitely be considered to help repair damage that has occurred due to an incident similar to CNN’s. The top online management company Centel Media, assists clients in gathering or regaining those likes and/or followers on social media sites.
It is extremely important to utilize everything that Facebook and Twitter have to offer in regards to making your presence known in the social media world. Centel Media can make sure that your presence is not only a big one but a positive one as well. A lot of businesses underhandedly attempt to expand their social media sites by buying those likes and followers. However, our team of web experts get the same results for their clients but in a way that will represent their brand respectfully and honestly. So if the army comes at you, make sure you have Centel Media to fall back on.

Tia’Lavon Butler,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,
Centel Media