Friday, February 7, 2014

Reputation Management and Celebrity Blunders

Reputation Management is even more important for young high profile celebrities like Justin Bieber, and considering his recent DUI arrest, he should consider the reputation management services of Centel Media.

Part of growing up is making stupid decisions and regretting them later.  Everyone regrets things they have done as teenagers, but hopefully they were just embarrassing incidents and not life changing events.   It gets complicated when you are, for example, someone like Justin Bieber.  You make a stupid decision, deciding to go drinking and driving.  You get caught.  And suddenly your face is plastered all over the internet and instead of being the “it” boy, you are the “it” boy of public humiliation.  Companies that deal in online reputation management, like Centel Media™ offer services such as Negative Article Suppression, which would help help bury the many blogs and news articles getting on the hate-Bieber bandwagon.

In the light of such an over-the-top celebrity, people forget that this is an actual person.  He does things like poop.  He likes girls. Or boys. Whatever.  He leaves his dirty laundry out.  He even runs out of toilet paper.  It’s not fair that he gets judged more harshly and his bad deeds are known across the globe, but it is his reality.

Celebrity at such a young age has such a huge impact on personal growth.  Adolescence is such a trying time, and throwing worldwide recognition and public scrutiny complicates matters beyond a measurable number. This is why it is important that he has a supportive team of professionals at his service, to help him navigate his life in the public eye.  

One of the professional services that people forget about is online reputationmanagement.  It’s popular to make fun of the most recent celebrity mishap, and Bieber's recent one was a rather large one.  It’s front page news not only to popular celebrity blogs, but pretty much every reputable news website, ever. Why? Because people are interested. They like a juicy story.  This really isn’t fair to Bieber, as 900,000 other people are arrested for drinking and driving every year.

But what really isn’t fair is the fact that everyday, an average of twenty-eight people die as a result of intoxicated drivers. Sorry, dude. I’m sorry that you made such a bad decision, and haven’t had an effective support system to guide you in the right direction, but I am glad you were caught.  Nobody has the right to put others at risk in such a preventable, senseless way.

Renee Miller,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong