Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rand Paul is a Cheat

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Senator Rand Paul has been spotlighted in the Republican Party because he stands up for his beliefs. He is most famous for creating a filibuster against the White House to prevent using drones on American soil. This week, his reputation suffered a devastating hit with allegations that many of his speeches, and even some portions of his book, have had plagiarized phrases. Accusers located the sources, which include Wikipedia and The Heritage Foundation. While these sources don't seem to mind very much, the implications are still having a negative effect on Senator Paul’s image.

This incident sheds doubt not only on the Senator's office but on the man himself. Paul has been unwavering in the defense of his reputation. He has called for metaphorical duels with detractors and reassured people that he would never try to misrepresent himself. According to him, his past work should prove his honor and integrity, but accusers have relished in detaching the known figure from his image. By admitting that his office made some mistakes and promising to add footnotes to all his material, Paul has attempted to redeem himself. But that doesn't change the fact that his office has made an inexcusably unprofessional mistake.

Businesses often suffer image problems like these, and the solutions are not always easy. Rival companies look for situations that allow them to gain an advantage over their competitors. Disgruntled employees and dissatisfied customers lurk online at various sites and news outlets, waiting for the opportunity to lash out at an establishment they feel has disenfranchised them. Every company has to deal with this problem, and letting it fester can lead to disastrous consequences.

These allegations may hurt Paul's chances in 2016, but Centel Media™ believes that every company or individual should be able to maintain a positive image. If your brand has been the target of negative publicity, online reputationmanagement services can help you regain your standing. When you or your company’s reputation has taken a hit, we can provide negative suppression services that target articles, videos, images and reviews. Our team of writers and computer experts can publish press releases to show off your company’s accomplishments, further driving negativity into obscurity. We want you to own your online reputation and will not allow any detractors to cast doubt upon you or your business.

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