Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Air Force May Need a Parachute

The Air Force has found itself falling quickly to the ground due to an expanding scandal over a proficiency test. Negative articles are pouring in about the incident, giving a vivid example of the importance of having a parachute like negative article suppression to any business.

Earlier this month the Air Force found itself starting off the year in one of its biggest scandals yet. Just about every news source in both print and online have reported that multiple members of the Air Force were revealed to have been involved some way or directly cheated on a proficiency test for intercontinental missile launch officers. The test was conducted at the Global Strike Command at Malmstrom Air Force base in Montana and the number of the people involved seems to increase as time progresses.
Initially reports surfaced which stated that around 34 Air Force officers were implemented in the scandal, and as time past that number more than tripled to tally around 70. Now as the story unravels and more evidence is being revealed, numbers have shot to an astonishing 92 officers who may be involved in the scandal. Negative articles about not only the incident at hand but the Air Force itself, has been exploding all over the Internet.
In the midst of this scandal CNN reported that Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James says she still feels “confident in the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of the nuclear mission.” However, James’s vote of confidence may have fallen on deaf ears amongst the shouts of the mass amount of negative articles flooding the media. Even the mighty United States Air Force is no match for negative articles. They may seem like a small problem for any business but they can actually damage even the most stable companies.
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Tia’Lavon Butler,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,