Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Amazon Drones Spark Heated Debate

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Amazon has a well-deserved reputation for trying new things and making them work. So when company CEO Jeff Bezos announced plans to create an army of unmanned drones to deliver Amazon products, people listened to what he had to say. On the 60 Minutes segment, Bezos even showed host Charlie Rose a video of the drone in action. Is this something Amazon can really accomplish? Or is it simply a marketing tactic?

Skeptics dismiss the idea as unfeasible because of the cumbersome privacy issues, the federal regulations regarding use of the machines, and most importantly, the lack of current technology to support his vision. Bezos himself admitted during the show that the technology was "still years away,” so he won’t be launching his army anytime soon. Cynics regard the idea as a publicity stunt in order to attract attention for Amazon. Some even openly insulted Bezos, contemptuously calling his vision “dumb.”

On the other hand, this may be our future ten or twenty years down the line. If Bezo’s idea comes to fruition, Amazon will have yet another innovation to its name. But Amazon isn’t the only one investigating the capabilities of drones. Domestic drones are already available and commercial ones are in the prototype stages. Those supporting expanded use of drones argue that this technology is invaluable to commercial and non-defense uses such as extinguishing fires, spraying pesticides, and monitoring radiation. When equipped with heat-sensing technology, drones can aid humanitarian efforts like locating survivors after a
natural disaster.

But others argue that drones pose a threat even domestically. Besides being equipped with heat sensors, drones can integrate GPS, infrared cameras, and license plate readers, making it extremely easy to track individuals. Despite Congress’s insistence that the 70 drones they have allowed to fly in U.S. airspace be used by civilian authorities only, many fear that this technology can easily end up in enemy hands and be altered and misused.

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