Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Expanding Your Brand

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There should never be a moment that you should feel like your business can't be helped and is destined to fail. There are many options that are available for businesses big, small, domestic or international.

Considering all the odds you have faced to get your business off the ground and up and running, you are one of the lucky ones. If you are fortunate enough to keep operating after 5 years or so, then you are truly lucky and now in good company. The odds of most businesses surviving after 5 years is slim to none, but if you are one of the fortunate few to do so, then count your blessings.

There comes a point in time when you might feel stuck in place and that there is nothing that you can do to bring your business out of the monotony. This can very well be the end for your business because you might feel uninspired. This could start a drop off of the quality of work that you once produced so proudly. To avoid feeling like this, it is best you find ways to change your work environment or expand your business by maybe opening up another store or creating a website and getting active on social media.

The hard work that went into opening up your first store might be too much, so the next best thing to do is to create a website for your company. By creating a website you are expanding virtually. You are now reaching an audience in another country--something you couldn't do with just one store.This expansion will not only net you more profit in the long run but it improves your brand's reputation. Because you are now able to do business in countries other than your own, you now have increased your visibility. This puts you and your company in the good graces of all your customers.

While expanding and creating a website may provide much financial success, it is a lot of hard work. It can take a lot out of you and away from the business you are running. However, there is an ace in the hole and now is the perfect time to use it. You chose to hire Centel Media™ to help maintain your online reputation as well as help create your website, domain name and web designCentel Media™ also helps with your presence on social media, which is just another added benefit. With newfound inspiration and the assistance from a well established, professional company, the feeling of being stuck should be in the past. You now have the opportunity to make an even bigger impact with your business.    

Expanding your business online is just as good as opening up a physical store. It allows you to do business without borders which is how all business should be done. 

Taking Advantage

Centel Media, www.centelmedia.com, centelmedia.com  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
There is a saying that goes "any press is good press" and while that may be correct in some instances we all can agree that it is better to be on the positive side of that press. But if your name is in the media and is circulating pretty fast there is opportunity there to take advantage of this free publicity and make the most of it.

Now, in no way am I suggesting that you go out and do something bad or unethical that will put your company in jeopardy just to get some media coverage. But, if you do happen to get some media coverage it would be in your best interest to try and flip it if it is bad, or enhance your brand's reputation even more if it is good.

The mark of a good business is one that can seize opportunity the moment it appears and use what they already have to build off of that. Your business might have been struggling initially to take off and there are no resources left to advertise or promote, but by some chance you got the opportunity to host an event that puts your business into the public eye. Now you have consistent business and you got some free publicity as a result.

While your business will most definitely take a hit if it gains a negative reputation, this can in some ways work in your favor. If your company was once a reliable and trustworthy business that hit a few rough patches, the question is, can you recover? You now you will have all eyes on you watching your every move. The decisions you make can and will answer those questions. Depending on the severity of your dilemma, you will have several options available to help you.

Because we live in such a tech savvy world, I believe it would be in your best interest to improve your online reputation first. That is where the majority of the doubt and skepticism will come from. By fixing that first, you are not only changing the opinion of your company, but you show are listening to the public and taking what they are saying to heart. The company that once fell is now showing resiliency. You can bank on profits going up and attracting more business due to you taking the bad press you were getting and making it positive.

A business that can take advantage of any opportunity is built to last and is going to separate itself from its competitors. While you don't want to have bad press all the time, you should have team on hand ready to take care of it. Or, you can hire a firm like Centel Media™ that will improve your online reputation and ensure it stays on the positive side.

Taking advantage of an opportunity when it looks like there isn't one will provide a strong foundation that will keep your business at the top for many years.

Using Your Reputation to Promote Your Business

Centel Media, www.centelmedia.com, centelmedia.com  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
Your business is the extension of you to the public, with a great reputation half of the work is done as you will have no problem attracting and keeping customers. On the other hand if you are not very popular among the public you might not lose customers but consistency will be hard to achieve.

How many times have you heard the phrase "your work is an extension of you", or someone telling you "actions speak louder than words". While that may seem to hold more water in other areas of life it should be applied to how you approach and handle your business operations. Great presentation of your business whether it be online or the standard brick and mortar stores can only add to your reputation.

Though some business owners believe that as long as they are providing good service and their products are doing what they are meant to do that should be enough, but they are wrong on many levels. For one it is not just about giving great service but also presenting yourself in a professional manner. Many customers put a lot on how the company is presented, yes operations count but that comes after you get past the initial layer of the company.

Your reputation whether you like to believe it or not can be a dealbreaker for business especially if you are doing business online. It is very important to not only have a positive online reputation but that your website has a good ease of use and of course is very presentable. Your reputation online can be the difference between gains and losses. For example if your company doesn't track shipping or update their inventory on a regular basis, your company gains the reputation of being sloppy and unprofessional.

No matter how big your company is or how much much they made last quarter a negative reputation is just what it is, you have been labeled as a company that is not interested in satisfying your customers but just making a profit which will start to shrink as your negative reputation grows bigger. A negative reputation is not the type of reputation you want to promote your business.

All is not lost and you can improve your image and you don't have to do it alone as you have more than enough to help you. Centel Media™ is a firm that you can trust to improve your online reputation and your presence on Social Media. Like I stated before once your reputation gets out it is out and Social Media can only enhance or hurt it depending on what side you are on. Centel Media™ also provides a defense that will protect you against any future attack against your reputation, so you can rest easy knowing your reputation is in good hands.

Your reputation can affect business even before you get a chance to see it. Present yourself in the most professional and positive manner and you will always have business to take care of.

Tools Needed to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation

Maintaining your  online reputation is a hard thing to do. It is a necessity though because you need to be on top of things when your reputation is on the line. You want to know what is being said about you, and if there is any negative comments being said in order to steer them towards the right direction. Below are some tools that will help you maintain your reputation and stay on top of it.

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a much needed tool because all you need to is type in words relating to your business, especially your name, and it would give you email notifications about regarding conversations being made about your business. What better way on staying on top of things. This way you can jump directly into conversations and fix those negative comments being made about you.

2. SocialMention

SocialMention is extremely helpful because it is free and it lets you view the positive, neutral, and negative conversations that are being said about you. If you see a large amount of negative conversations being said about you jump on it and see what the problem is.

3. Topsy

Just like Google Alerts this tool will send you emails, and the best thing is that it's free.

4. Grader

This tool helps you get in depth analysis on your social media accounts. Once again helping you to control what is being said about you.

Having different tools to help your online management is very beneficial. You want to be in control of what is being said about you, and even though you may not have complete control at times, it is very satisfying to know that you could take measures in order to fix that.

Centel Media™, an online management company, will help you build and maintain your online reputation as well. It is very hard and time consuming to maintain your online reputation, especially with rival companies trying to put a bad name out there. There is no easy way to take care of your online reputation, and you must put in the time and effort to build it. Take the right measures, think twice before posting or how you respond to certain comments made about you, and you will be on the track to maintaining a positive online reputation.

Centel Media, www.centelmedia.com, centelmedia.com  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports