Monday, September 30, 2013

Get Instant Recognition on Instagram

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Millions of people partake in the free app Instagram, an easy-to-navigate social platform focused on pictures and videos. Some of these Instagram users could be your current and future customers. Instagram is known mostly for its copious amounts of “selfies,” but don’t underestimate its potential. If you manage its functions properly, Instagram will spread your business’s network across a wider audience.

As with any social media platform, the first step is to ensure that your profile is optimized for Instagram. Begin by uploading a clear profile picture that includes your brand logo, while also indicating what your business is about. If your profile isn’t handled properly, the people who want to find you won’t be able to. So, include information that your brand is recognized by, and your fans will follow.

Linking to and from Instagram will help build your social network. You can embed your Instagram photos and videos to any of your websites or blogs. By doing so, cultivating a following for your brand becomes much easier, partly because you’re now drawing from a pre-established pool of your own fans.

It seems obvious, but it’s necessary to be social on social networking sites, and Instagram is no exception. Like and comment on your follower’s photos and don’t hesitate to follow them yourself. The more interaction between you and your fans, the more often they will revisit.

Fill in the profile description space with an overview of your brand, not a detailed description of all your services and products. Remember that the concept of this site revolves around the power of images, not words. It may be a good strategy to alternate between business-driven and fun or inspiring photos. When posting images, use relevant captions to ask questions to your followers or grab their attention with something witty. Don’t forget to geotag your pictures so customers can locate your business, or view your multiple locations.

To truly market your brand reputation on Instagram, you need to have an understanding of how Instagram works. You can do this by exploring the site and learning how other businesses are using it to spotlight themselves. But you shouldn’t stop at Instagram; utilize all the social networking sites you can. If you need help building your social network, contact an online brand reputation management company like Centel Media for more information on social media optimization.

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