Friday, September 20, 2013

Promote Your Brand Through Facebook's Timeline Promotions

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Not long ago, Facebook forced companies to use third-party platforms for promotions. Now, businesses are allowed to use such marketing campaigns directly through their timeline on Facebook. There are a handful of guidelines and regulations you should know before hosting one of your own. Here’s how to run a successful timeline contest or promotion:

As with any new project, start by setting a goal. For some businesses, the goal might be sales oriented, or to collect email addresses and contact information, or to simply boost their number of likes. Whatever your business wants to accomplish, be sure to make an outline before you start. At the end of your campaign revisit these goals and determine if you met them or not. This will help you create an effective strategy in the future.

Choose prizes and incentives that endorses your brand in unique and creative ways. Consider all your options, you can even take suggestions from your fans and hear what they’d want the prizes to be. Just be prepared to incorporate their recommendations into your previously outlined goals.

Including the correct language and image content is another important facet to your promotion. Photos on Facebook generate 53 percent more response than posts without them. So, picking the right image can really help push the success of your campaign.

Crafting an appropriate timeline promotion will only be successful if it’s in compliance with Facebook’s regulations. This includes a statement that your campaign is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook. A complete description of the official rules must be included.

However, if you feel such disclaimers will dissuade people from participating, the best way to work around it would be to use an app. To ensure that your fans have easy access, while also maintaining an appealing appearance, establish and advertise the link to your promotion app. You can also use specialized applications to collect and review data from your promotion.

Gaining likes on Facebook can be difficult, and often beyond the help of a promotion. Centel Media, the leading online reputation management company, can help you gain more likes for little cost. With their new social media optimization service, Centel Media™ can boost the effectiveness of your Facebook page, so your brand can be recognized and your overall online presence improved.

In order to utilize Facebook’s new timeline promotions, and draw more attention to your business’s page, it’s important to understand how it all works and what Facebook requires of you.

Loose Lips Sinks Ships...and Your Online Reputation

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What’s uploaded online might as well be written in stone. In fact, digital messages are, in many ways, more permanent than stone. Every detail, phone number, joke, opinion, post, tweet, comment (the list goes on) is saved online, archived, and accessible to anyone. Slips of the tongue, or in this case fingers on the keyboard, could result in an offensive remark that will isolate a portion of your audience or clientele, and inevitably injure your chances of success online.

If managed correctly, this spreading of information can provide ample opportunity for any online interest. Unfortunately, human error occurs all too often and the brand’s reputation is what pays the price. It’s essential to keep a close eye on what’s posted, no matter who posted it. You must remember that you’re not the only one representing your interests, but everyone, whose name ties back to you, becomes a part of your brand’s appearance, and can ruin it all the same.

Being considerate of what you post on social media is common business knowledge by this point, but even inter-office emails, newsletters, and text messages are open-season for PR missteps and each should be managed appropriately. Before publishing something, ask yourself, “how would I react if this post made the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper?” Is it something you want your entire professional network to read? If the answer is no, then don’t post it to the Web.

If you do make a mistake and publish something regrettable,  Centel Media™ offers negative suppression services. While these mistakes can never be completely removed, they can be forced further down the search result pages, essentially archiving them, and making them more difficult to find. Search engines and social media feeds only show the most current and relevant results, and with  Centel Media™, you can use this to your advantage.

Centel Media™s staff of creative writers and literary professionals will write content for result pages that reflects the true value of your brand name. Don’t abandon a piece of your audience by allowing detrimental material to stay floating on top of search results. Take action and protect your reputation. Just because you had loose lips in a comment or tweet, doesn’t mean it has to completely sink the ship of your online reputation.

In managing your online reputation, remember that all material is permanent and trackable. Maintain your reputation by censoring what you post.

Stay Alert Of Your Online Reputation

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Worldwide public conversation has spread so deep across the Internet, it’s nearly impossible to know how far. Whether the discussion is about trending global news, or reviews of local businesses, millions of people express their opinions via websites over the Internet. This constant dialogue is critical to any online interest; however, monitoring this stream can become overwhelming.

The minute-by-minute information pouring in, the free-flowing conversations, it’s all incredibly taxing to handle alone. But, there are options and tools to help anyone gauge the success of their marketing campaign, or the response to a new product, by monitoring discussions of their brand that sprout up online. Email alerts can notify you when your name appears, or, if you so choose, track the success of your competitor. Either way, you get results on topics that are essential to your brand.

To begin setting up email alerts, input a specific search phrase. If your term is too generalized, you’ll end up buried in results. You can enter several keywords as an alert, so narrow your focus. But, at the same time, you should try to maintain a balance. A search too narrow or too specific could hinder your results as well.

You need to include terms that are widely used in the public. Alerts are derived from keywords found over the Internet, so if you think it’s a term people wouldn’t likely use, it probably won't yield any results. Keep it simple and directed to you or your business.

When creating your alerts, make sure to follow the procedure of the site you’re using. You may need to place your brand’s name within quotation marks, or include additional words to narrow your search. Some sites will suggest other tactics, like incorporating a minus sign to filter results. Once your alerts are established, any mention of your name will trigger an email to be sent directly to your account.

Specify how often you receive these alerts. It’s not enough to simply set alerts in place and then forget to check them for three months. Restrict the alerts to once a week, once a day, or select the “as-it-happens” option, whichever works best around your schedule.

If you or your brand’s name isn’t appearing as frequently as you’d like, then perhaps Centel Media™ search engine optimization services can help you gain a better footing online.

When managing your online reputation, the first step is knowing the extent of your online presence. Creating specific email alerts for your brand will streamline the process of monitoring the overwhelming abundance of information online.

Drive Home With A New Online Presence

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Gone are the days of door-to-door salesmen. Now we’re in the era of virtual salesmanship, where first impressions are often established online. A car salesman may still practice the same techniques he did fifty years ago, giving away turkeys with each vehicle purchased during the holiday season, but nowadays, if such marketing campaigns aren’t broadcast on social networking sites, those turkeys may rot in the company freezer.

There are some practical methods your dealership can implement to ensure your online reputation matches the good (honest, patient, friendly) appearance that your staff promises to uphold in person. First, you should look up your brand on search engines. See what sites potential customers are visiting, and if you find something questionable or offensive related to your dealership, take action to remove it immediately. In some areas of the internet, removal is impossible. Centel Media™ negative suppression services can fix such problems by rearranging the search results so your dealership's name isn’t linked to slanderous material.  

As a business minded individual, it’s important to promote and encourage customer interaction. This includes testimonies, reviews and comments. Think along the lines of those old-school suggestion boxes, only replaced by the instant power of social networking tools such as Facebook comments and Tweets. Centel Media™ can help your dealership establish and build a following on your social networking site with Social Media Optimization.

Even though your social media pages belong to you or your dealership, don’t forget that anything you write will be viewed by the public. When you are working to build an online reputation, be careful about posting personal, political, or religious messages that are inappropriate for a professional business. Centel Media™ has a highly knowledgeable staff of writers to create blog postings for your website and press releases.

Take advantage of all that Centel Media, the top-rated online reputation management company, has to offer you and your dealership. Bring your business into the fast-paced and ever-growing reality of social media with Centel Media™ online reputation development tactics. These services will increase foot traffic to your lots and lead to a positive growth in what matters most -- car sales.

Maintaining a good online reputation could lead any car dealership to a highly profitable fall season.

Expand Awareness of Your Business With Wikipedia

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All businesses should take advantage of the tools available to them online. Wikipedia can be an enormous asset, encouraging knowledge of your brand. However, creating a page can be difficult and tedious.  Centel Media™ can create content on Wikipedia that will improve public awareness of your business.

Wikipedia gains half its traffic from search engines, and appears on the first page of results in 95% of all Google searches. It’s a great opportunity to increase traffic to your site, but remember, not all businesses end up on Wikipedia’s pages. Take the time to assess the state of your business and the market you're after, because it makes all the difference to the success of your Wikipedia page.

First, it’s important to understand why people visit Wikipedia. Nearly all Wikipedia users go to the site with a desired topic already in mind. If they’re looking up your business, then they’re already familiar with your brand name and are simply looking to find more information about who you are and what you do. Wikipedia is a good way to raise awareness of your business, but it shouldn’t be used by companies with low visibility. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be a celebrity or big-time corporation to use Wikipedia, it just means that your market needs to be accessible, something within the public eye, or else it won’t be noticed.

It may seem that Wikipedia favors large businesses, but in reality it just favors better-known companies. If your online presence is low, your best course of action is to build up a reputation over the Internet before committing to a Wikipedia page. Creating a ‘better known’ company or brand can be taxing, but with the help of a reputation management company, it’s possible to gain a wider audience. After constructing a stronger foundation online, a Wikipedia page can then be utilized to its full potential.

Centel Media™, the leading online reputation management company, works with individuals and businesses alike to create content for Wikipedia, along with other social media outlets. Centel Media™ writers create Wiki pages with legitimate sources and provide links in order to give your potential customers and clients more information about your company. You may be hesitant about creating a page in Wikipedia, and feel your other social media sites are enough, but keep in mind that if you wait, your competitors may beat you to it. With today’s tough economy, it would be wise to take any opportunity to get ahead. Centel Media™ team of trained professionals will help you create an official Wikipedia submission that can draw more attention to your brand.

Wikipedia is a great resource for business development. However, it may be daunting to start a Wiki page on your own. Maximize your online potential by using Centel Media’s Wikipedia Page Submission services.