Friday, September 20, 2013

Drive Home With A New Online Presence

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Gone are the days of door-to-door salesmen. Now we’re in the era of virtual salesmanship, where first impressions are often established online. A car salesman may still practice the same techniques he did fifty years ago, giving away turkeys with each vehicle purchased during the holiday season, but nowadays, if such marketing campaigns aren’t broadcast on social networking sites, those turkeys may rot in the company freezer.

There are some practical methods your dealership can implement to ensure your online reputation matches the good (honest, patient, friendly) appearance that your staff promises to uphold in person. First, you should look up your brand on search engines. See what sites potential customers are visiting, and if you find something questionable or offensive related to your dealership, take action to remove it immediately. In some areas of the internet, removal is impossible. Centel Media™ negative suppression services can fix such problems by rearranging the search results so your dealership's name isn’t linked to slanderous material.  

As a business minded individual, it’s important to promote and encourage customer interaction. This includes testimonies, reviews and comments. Think along the lines of those old-school suggestion boxes, only replaced by the instant power of social networking tools such as Facebook comments and Tweets. Centel Media™ can help your dealership establish and build a following on your social networking site with Social Media Optimization.

Even though your social media pages belong to you or your dealership, don’t forget that anything you write will be viewed by the public. When you are working to build an online reputation, be careful about posting personal, political, or religious messages that are inappropriate for a professional business. Centel Media™ has a highly knowledgeable staff of writers to create blog postings for your website and press releases.

Take advantage of all that Centel Media, the top-rated online reputation management company, has to offer you and your dealership. Bring your business into the fast-paced and ever-growing reality of social media with Centel Media™ online reputation development tactics. These services will increase foot traffic to your lots and lead to a positive growth in what matters most -- car sales.

Maintaining a good online reputation could lead any car dealership to a highly profitable fall season.

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