Friday, November 22, 2013

Nokia Can't Take the Heat: Opts to Sell Out

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Nokia was once the king of portable phones, being the largest mobile phone company in the world. Then, what happened? The smartphone. It left their mobile devices with a feeling of antiquity. While they still sell other products, such as home phones and networking equipment, mobile phones were how they stayed in the limelight as a household name. The possible buyout from Microsoft might be the key to recovering their image, but what could they have done differently in the PR department to stay relevant on their own?

Commercially, there are a few factors that caused Nokia to fall off the pop culture radar. Their electronics, design-wise, always had a very dated feel to them, unlike the sleek appearance of modern phones like the iPhone and Galaxy. When those phones first arrived on the market, Nokia's brand was already established, but the company seemed unable to shed that old phone image. Thus, try as they may, it was inevitable they would fail.

Those silver, grey and black colors of Nokia's phones did categorize the ‘90s and early 2000s, but the company struggled to adapt as technology grew beyond their products. They have recently tried to change their image by designing decent smartphones, but their new models haven't added enough to distinguish themselves from the pack. That outdated image of theirs really followed them through the years.

Nokia could have used a more innovative phone redesign, but they also needed to change their appearance. How? Through advertising on social media sites. Go for a more aggressive marketing campaign by targeting younger demographics who’d be more likely to use mobile phones. With the right tactics, Nokia could have stripped away its old image and adopted a better, more modern, identity.

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Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,

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