Friday, October 25, 2013

U.S. No Longer Trusted

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Trust has always been hard to come by. When trust is broken, it’s often impossible to mend. In the case of the United States government and many other countries, trust has been lost. Germany's Chancellor, their version of the President, found out from a German magazine that the United States may have been spying on her through her cellphone. As we will see, careful wording, transparency and trust are closely linked.

While this isn't the first breach of trust between the United States and other countries, the topic hasn’t lost any steam. In a White house press release, the United States denied spying on the Chancellor and many other accusers, however, they did not deny spying on foreign leaders and other individuals in the past. Some of the media has pounced on the wording, but I don't think anyone is surprised by the terminology. Espionage has been a major, if illegal and immoral, part of both the public and private sector.

This is why trust is hard to come by. While we would like to be trusting of everyone, it simply does not happen in the real world. Competition is everywhere and many look after themselves to get a leg up against rivals.

Keeping trust often requires you to give it in return. You can’t expect others to open up to you if you’re not opening up to them. Transparency is the key. It may reflect on your company poorly in the short-term, but in the long-term, your clients and contacts will appreciate it. If you’re open, others will see that you’re willing to take on their opinions and adapt to make them more at ease.

For a business, maintaining trust with both clients and customers is one of the greatest assets your company can achieve in its lifetime. With proper trust comes business ventures, more customers, and greater opportunities that you would not have otherwise. At Centel Media™, we have the tools to help you attain that trust. A well-known strategy to build trust is to create press releases, which can develop a platform for your business's intentions. We also create company blogs and will even submit a Wikipedia article to further support your cause.

If you’re struggling to start or maintain a relationship between you and your customers or you and other contacts, Centel Media™ can help you regain a trustworthy name.

Jonathan Wong,
Creative Writer,

Matthew Shaffer,