Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't Be Mugged by Mugshots

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It’s tough to be brought down by negative images after all you’ve done to improve your personal or professional reputation. There are dozens of websites specializing in and promoting such images, whose sole purpose is to perpetuate mugshots and other slanderous material centered around any given individual, whether they are guilty of a crime or not.

For many affected by sites like these, options are limited. It’s not as simple as contacting the webmaster and requesting they remove the negative image. Some websites will flat out refuse to take it down. Others will charge astronomical fees, claim they’ll take it down, and then continue to display it anyway. Companies and individuals have gone to great legal lengths to have negative images removed, only to hit an impasse.

Images are more dangerous than written articles or reviews, simply due to their accessibility. They can spread quickly over the Internet, seen by a countless number of people in a very short amount of time. Any random individual can take your image and use it to promote negative publicity about you or your brand. These images need to be handled so interested parties don’t see you for something other than what you truly are. Often, when you use a search engine to research your online presence, you tend to find images that are copyrighted or used illegally without your authorization.

Images used without your permission can have a very large impact on the way people view you or your company. Centel Media™ offers a service in negative image suppression. Our team of experts will suppress any image for you, and all you need is access to the image in question. Our loyal employees here at Centel Media™ will investigate the image and make sure no one else has the rights to use it. Then, we will contact the person who stole your image and work to take the image down.

The professionals at Centel Media™ also create original images for you or your company to use in order to create favorable publicity in hopes of reaching more potential clients. We post fresh, positive images, and work to ensure they can be seen first in keyword searches. With the help of Centel Media™, the negative images will be suppressed and buried under images you choose to properly represent your interests.

Inappropriate images can severely and negatively impact your online reputation. Centel Media™ offers you suggestions and solutions to remove these images from the public eye.