Thursday, June 13, 2013

Take Me Everywhere You Go

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The advancement of technology has allowed you to take your favorite things that you love on the go with you, its almost as if you can't live without them.

Twenty years ago who would have thought that you would be able to bring your entire music collection with you wherever you go, but today that is a reality along with the many other benefits that come along with 21st century technology. But I'll tell you who actually benefits the most from this, business owners. While those who are in the business of developing these apps and devices are at the top of the list of course. Businesses that begin to move to mobile promotion and online business have the upper hand compared to their competitors. When your customer can access you at any location that has wireless internet and on any mobile device, you put yourself in the position to succeed and you are now doing business 24 hours a day. Mobile business is the new way to extend your business from the standard brick and mortar to online business and now your business has been transformed into apps that can be developed and downloaded to your phone. Some of the same rules that you use with your business online apply to your mobile business but you are certainly going to have to tweak certain things such as accessibility to products which will make check out even easier.

Though it is easy to increase profits on doing online business and mobile business it is just as easy to lose profit as well. If you are not careful you can diminish your brand by doing subpar work on these two businesses. Unlike your brick and mortar business  customers can't easily reach you,your online businesses are an extension of you. If you don't cater to that particular audience you are doing a big disservice to all parties involved. As I mentioned before your customers that shop online or use your mobile app do so because they are not able to shop at the physical location. If they are not properly accommodated and given the same service that your other customers get, one must expect complaints to come in. You develop a negative online reputation that can take years to correct and get your audience back. While you do have Reputation Management firms such as Centel Media™ to help that process it is better to make everyone of your customers feel like they are your number one priority.  

Investing in the Best

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
Business is an ever-expanding world that offers limitless opportunities to those that are willing to work for it.  As a business owner you simply want the best for your company and don't want to settle for anything less than that.

As a budding business you will be flooded with all types of existing businesses that want to help you build your business with you and claim to be the best at what they do. Some of these companies might be legitimate and some are not, but the best way to filter through of the madness is to research and find who really is the best out of the bunch. Creating your online business takes a lot of work and there are several steps you should take to get it rise from the crowd and stand out as the best. One of the first steps I would recommend you is hiring a very reputable Reputation Management firm to help you build your business. Your business is an investment and for the first five years it's your life, if you choose not to invest wisely in your business and your brand the long term returns won't be a nearly enjoyable as if you did. We live in a tech savvy world so your business needs to be properly promoted on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Having a great presence on Social Media is not only a good way to connect with your fans but in terms of business it can have an major impact on how far your company can reach its audience, whether it's domestic or global.

Having a reputation firm work with you in establishing your business is equivalent to having a silent partner. A Reputation Management firm such as Centel Media™ would be a perfect match for any budding business or an existing business too. Centel Media™ helps not only with designing a webpage but registering your domain name as well as protecting your online profile which is the arguably one of the most important out of all the many wonderful things Centel Media™ does. Having an positive online profile can keep your company raking in profit a negative one can lead to more problems than you asked for. The best of the best is a company that stands out through its customer service and it exceptional products that will have a positive impact on your company for years to come, Centel Media™ fits that mold of being the best of the best.

A Picture That Speaks 1,000 Words.

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
Pictures are often the first thing  you see when you are visiting a website and if the site has a creative niche to it you are more likely to continue looking at that site. But if the site is unappealing and unattractive you are probably going to skim the site or flat out leave it. How your website is setup can determine if you can keep your customers coming back.

Images talk more than they are actually supposed to.When you see someones work you automatically begin to think about what you would want to say about it. As a business owner who is running a website you must make sure that your website is capable of several things such as being able to handle a lot of traffic, if your site shuts down or gets slow when the traffic picks up you can cost your self a lot of money.Make sure transactions go smoothly and customers don't have to search all over the place to get what they are looking for, as a consumer online shopping is supposed to be quick and easy if I wanted spend an afternoon shopping I would go out to the store and shop. Lastly your website has to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, even before you get to the first two conditions I previously mentioned this comes first. If your site has an unattractive look to it you can forget about having an successful online business. Your website does the speaking for you, your not going to be able to talk to all your customers so your website is going to do that for you. Websites that are pleasing and have an ease of use tell the customer that the owner cares about his business and most importantly he cares about you. An unpleasing site screams greed and an uncaring business.

While it may seem easy to design a webpage it is actually very hard and time consuming and as a business owner your time must be spent wisely and productively. Designing a website might not be the most productive thing to do when you have other important business matters to handle. So what do you do? You have many options to choose from but the best on is hiring a Reputation Management firm such as Centel Media™. Hiring Centel Media™ works in your favor several ways, you are being proactive in the event that you have come under the attack of any negative report that has been said about you. Centel Media™ helps you to continue to establish a positive reputation. Secondly Centel Media™ can help you design your website so you don't have to do it alone, having professionals there to help you can be a huge difference from having consistent hits on your website to only having a little if any.

Why Your Company Needs Online Reputation Managment

It does not matter what kind of profession you are in or what business you are trying to run, everybody needs some sort of online reputation management. For example, a lawyer is going to want his name out there so that he can get clients to come to his own private practice. If he does nothing to market his brand or name, he is going to have a hard time attracting new people. It is well known that many people today do their research on Google in order to find more about the person or business that they want to be associated with. This is why online reputation management is much needed, you do no want your name or business to be tainted by negative reviews. If your business or name does not have any negative reviews you should still build a technique called Personal Branding. Personal Branding is way of building your reputation and maintaining and managing your online identity, and this helps get promotions, seek a better job, etc. There are two skills that are needed under Personal Branding and they are inbound and outbound marketing. Both should be used in order to maximize your potential. Inbound marketing is becoming an expert in the product/service you are offering and having the customers come to you. You are not hunting down customers/clients, instead they are coming to you because they know you are the best and have the best expertise. Of course this will only be successful if you have online reputation management. You need a good respectable name with more positive reviews than negative ones. Remember that you need to build the right type of leadership in the industry and have this is a building block to maintain the online reputation that you want. Next is outbound marketing which is your typical more traditional form of marketing where you reach out to customers. Emails, networking events, trade shows, conference calls, are all examples on how you can reach out to customers. Having this technique of building your personal brand should also be used with blogging and having others link to your social profiles so that you have barriers that no one can harm. Maintaining an online reputation is crucial and you should manage it with caution.

Learn from Teenagers On How They Deal with Online Reputation

Teenagers are a lot more involved with the technology that exists today and the adult community could learn a lot from them. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media interactions are constantly being used by teenagers. They are either on the computer interacting with their social media account or on their mobile device. One would think that they do not put too much emphasis on their online reputation but that is proven to be wrong. Recent studies have shown that teenagers are very much aware on what is being posted about them because they understand that this might come back to haunt them in the future. They also do not want some embarrassing comment or photo being shown to either their parents, or any other authoritative figure. Teenagers are also not obsessing whether or not there is privacy with their account, or how to make their page more private, but rather like explained above, would rather post things that they would not hide from anyone. The adult community should learn from how the teenagers are dealing with the online reputation issue on social media accounts. No one wants this stigma of a bad reputation because of an embarrassing photo online or an inappropriate comment that was made. You must remember that keeping a positive online reputation is the most important aspect in today's business world. Many people today are "googling" information either about you or your business.

Fixing Your Online Mistaken Identity

A common mistake nowadays is having your name confused with someone else's on the internet, especially in a Google search. It is well known that people in today's society search your name or the name of your business to get a better understanding and reviews on Google. This also pertains to job interviews; it is very easy for an employer to type in your name on Google and receive feedback on what type of reputation you have online. Keeping a good name is hard if you do not take the proper precautions and the last thing you would want to worry about is having your good name being mixed up with someone else's who have a bad reputation. Here at Centel Media™ we are all about giving you a good name, and not having to deal with the negative issues that damage your name and your reputation. If you have not done so already make a unique url pertaining to all your accounts especially ones pertaining to your social media. This is extremely helpful when it comes to having a common name, and this way you would not be mixed up and have this identity crisis that has become more and more relevant in today's world. Even if your name is not of common status making this unique url will help differentiate yourself and make your particular name stand out. It is well known that you do not want to blend in with the pack when it comes to wanting to expose your name or business. Being different is what is going to attract people and ultimately help your online reputation. The last thing you want to do is sit back and let all these negative reviews, comments, and mistaken identities take fold. Take action and improve your online reputation.