Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You, Yourself and the World

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The internet world goes far beyond what you see online when you are searching your favorite company, what you may see can be totally different from what someone searching the same site 5,000 miles away might have come across their computer screen.

Having your company's presence in all parts of the world is very important to your brand and most important your profit. As a business owner it is imperative that you relate to your customers not just in your home country but your global customers as well. All needs are different no matter where you go and if you are not doing your research and finding out how to relate to your global audience you are digging yourself a deep hole to get out of. How you market yourself is very important as well as being sensitive to any ad that might be offensive to that country, having a team of dedicated professionals who know how to target a region properly without offending anyone, that is difference between being able to business on a global scale and not just limiting yourself domestically. Physical marketing is only half the job, I'm sorry to inform you that the way your company is marketed online is just as important. When you visit a multinational businesses website you are given options on what region you live in and what language you would like to have translated to you. This is an example of great marketing as well as customer awareness, if I like a company in China but  their website is only in Chinese then that company has just lost a customer because of their inability to relate to me so as a customer, I now have a negative perception of that business. If I choose to I can complain online which will lead to that company having an negative online reputation. When that happens Centel Media™ is called on to help repair your online profile so that you are making sure that all customers’ needs are met whether global or domestic.

Having a great Reputation Management company such as Centel Media™ working for you will guarantee that your company can restore its online profile back to respectability but you must keep in mind that in order to keep it that way you have to consider all of your customers’ needs not just the customers you are close proximity to.