Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weather the Storm of a Negative Online Reputation

: Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off ReportsThere is no way to remove negative reviews about your brand once they're uploaded online. However, there are ways you can handle them. If you want to improve your online reputation, you need to know the appropriate response to such situations and how to contain them. With the right tools, you can take back control of your online presence.
You can’t stop the rain from falling, but you can use an umbrella. The same mentality applies to your online reputation: you cannot stop bad reviews, but you can protect yourself. The range of damage that can occur from negative online reviews has just as many possible variations as a brewing rain storm. It could be one small comment that takes little effort to contain, or it could be a flood of negative reviews that take thousands of dollars and months of hard work to repair. This widespread damage isn't unusual, it’s a result of the growing number of platforms that allow people to express their displeasure online.

The first step in damage control is measurement. Measuring rain can be as simple as placing a bucket outside on a stormy day. The same is true in monitoring your online reputation, it’s as simple as being involved, collecting the data, and observing what is being said about your brand. Join industry-specific social networking sites. While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are absolute musts, industry-specific sites will be just as beneficial.
Unfortunately, you may have the strong desire to fight for your reputation, taking strides to battle back against negative reviews. While it's important to respond and confront negative reviews, doing so the wrong way may come off as unprofessional, which can then encourage further activity around that particular situation, and thus push its ranking higher on search engines. The best way to discourage and combat negativity is with positivity.

Centel Media™ offers services in all areas of online reputationmanagement, including negative review suppression. To decrease the influence of such reviews, Centel Media™ works tirelessly to create an abundance of positive reviews to outshine the negative.

There's no way to stop any negativity from reaching you or your business, but Centel Media™ can provide you with options to prevent damage and rescue your reputation. For more information on negative review suppression, click here.

To recover an online reputation, you must tread lightly. Know which actions  you should take and which you shouldn't.

Courtney Fisher,
Assistant Press Secretary