Monday, November 18, 2013

NSA Compromises Cisco's Future

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Recent stumbles by the U.S. government (the federal shutdown, Snowden's disclosure of the NSA's spying program, the slow pace of Obamacare) has made people understandably worried about the direction the country is heading. Most of these topics are highly debatable, but we often overlook the repercussions these events have on organizations that aren’t directly involved. Not all actions have immediate consequences, and knowing how to deal with these problems as they come is a large part of running a successful business or nonprofit.

One company that knows the ramifications of government influence is Cisco, responsible for the creation and manufacturing of communications equipment. Many items off their catalog are used by the United States government, and because of the NSA disclosure, products, such as their phones, are not selling well this quarter, mainly because foreign markets are putting less trust in their equipment out of fear that the NSA may be spying on them as well. Thanks to the shutdown, much of the business sector has been cutting back on purchases, citing dissatisfaction with the government's handling of the economy by willingly throwing the market under the bus in order to play political games. Cisco has admitted that all of these factors resulted in $90 million of lost profit.

Cisco is one of many companies affected by forces they cannot control. There are several business solutions to approach such a problem. To curb their losses, Cisco needs to do all they can to prove their equipment is free of NSA spying devices. Another solution could be to market themselves more heavily to the public. With the right approach, they could highlight their accomplishments to change public perception.

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