Monday, July 1, 2013

I Have a BIG MOUTH!!!

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Those are the same words that TV character Ralph Kramden yelled out after one of his tirades more than 50 years ago. Today those words are holding true for those that continuously say senseless things on Twitter and think that no one is paying attention.

When we think of social media, we think of it as another tool to connect with our friends and loved ones, but it can be also be seen by some as an outlet or a place to vent frustrations. While this may seem like the ideal place to do this it is in fact the worst platform to vent. Let me repeat that. Social media networks are the worse place to vent your frustrations for various reasons. Not everyone is going to be sensitive and caring to whatever problem you are going through. While you may think that expressing yourself is good and therapeutic, you are leaving yourself open for cruel and hurtful comments.

One must also keep in mind that whatever is said online is no longer yours but now belongs to the online community. So, when you decide to say something in retaliation to someone saying something about you that may contain some questionable language, keep in mind once it is sent it is gone forever. Before you send that message, keep in mind that you would like to have some sort of decent employment in your future so it would be wise to watch what you are saying online.

Believe it or not, this doesn't just happen to regular people. Those with "celebrity status” are often the most brash when it comes to posting messages or venting on social media. Celebrities and athletes might feel that they are doing a favor by offering their opinion or comment on something, but in fact they are actually hurting themselves and their brand by recklessly commenting on issues. Whoever is in their camp needs to have sit down with them, because as an athlete or entertainer, once your brand starts to lose value it can keep falling until it hits the bottom which may be a long way for some. When that fall does happen, it is a good thing that you have online reputation management firms like Centel Media™ there to help you repair and show the public that you do in fact have some class.

Some things are left better unsaid. When you feel the urge to say something that might be somewhat questionable, think about your future and what effect this can have on it.

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