Friday, October 18, 2013

Breaking Bad Reputations With Good

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Most of the time, maintaining a solid online reputation requires you to combat negativity lobbied against you or your company. This can come from disgruntled employees, dissatisfied customers, and random users on the Internet who don't care for you or how you do business. But there are also many cases when online reputation management will help spread a positive message about you.

Whenever you receive an accolade for outstanding performance or news reporting the achievements of your company, you want to spread that message across as many platforms as you can. Don’t think that doing so will make you look cocky or arrogant. If you frame praise in the right way, it’s never a bad thing. Your audience or clientele will view such praise as a strong reason to invest their time and money into your interests.

For example, it was reported recently that Anthony Hopkins, one of the greatest actors still living today, sent an email to Bryan Cranston, another great actor, about his work on the TV show Breaking Bad. Hopkins had just finished watching a marathon of the show and was so impressed with Cranston's performance as Walter White that he sent an email heaped with incredible amounts of praise for the actor’s work. Hopkins called Cranston's acting the greatest he had EVER seen.

Usually, the public is amazed when actors and actresses receive awards at prestigious events like the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes. But for the performers themselves, I'm sure receiving a personal statement of utter respect and admiration from one of your greatest peers triumphs over any award. In the case of a business, your company would certainly be happy to receive a plaque from a convention of businesses for outstanding achievements, but it’s often sweeter to receive glowing praise from another company, individual or group that idolizes your efforts in the field.

If you want to bring awareness to your accomplishments, you can do more than just a simple ad campaign online. Consider utilizing Centel Media™, the top-rated online reputation management firm in the nation. We can create Press Releases to further spread the message of your achievements. Additionally, we can make such honors a focus on your Wikipedia entry through our Wikipedia Submission service so that anyone who sees your page knows your accolades.

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