Monday, March 3, 2014

Republican Rand Paul Antagonizes the Clintons

Republican Rand Paul reignites the old Monica Lewinsky affair by demanding that the Democrats return any money raised by “predator” Bill Clinton, creating negative press for his potential 2016 presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul has rehashed the old Monica Lewinsky scandal by recently claiming that the money received by the Democratic Party from Bill Clinton’s fundraising should be returned immediately.  Rand Paul also recently publically dubbed Bill Clinton a “sexual predator” for his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky during his presidency. Paul’s bitter public comments against the Clintons go back to 2010 and his harsh criticism is making front page headlines, resulting in a diminished online reputation for all involved.  Everyone, not just politicians, should be concerned and proactive about protecting their onlinereputation, and consult an online reputation management company such as Centel Media™.  Centel Media™ offers many brand and reputation management services such as Negative Video Suppression  and Press Releases for both public figures, individuals, and companies alike.

Paul is claiming that by keeping any money raised by Bill Clinton, the Democrats are effectively squashing women’s rights, the very cause they claim to support.  According to Paul, the GOP has no right to take a position on women’s rights if they continue to take money raised by Clinton. Clinton has always been prolific and effective at raising funds for his political party; an asset to the causes he believes in.  While the exact amount of money the Clintons have raised for their political party is unknown, it has been estimated to be over an astounding two billion dollars.  

Paul’s targeting of such political firehouses seems to be more of a strategic move rather than the fact that he actually believes in supporting women’s rights. If the GOP did follow Rand Paul’s advice and stopped receiving support from Bill Clinton, they would suffer severe loss of not only monetary support, but strategic power as well.  Hillary Clinton’s 2016 potential presidential candidacy is bound to be affected by all this negative press.

Many public figures, such as Senator Claire McCaskill, are jumping to the defense of the Clintons’.  McCaskill has stated that it is unfair of Paul to use the Clinton scandal against the entire Democratic Party and their stance on women’s rights, especially since he is basing his accusations on something that happened so many years ago. All of this bitter infighting just shows how bad negative imagery can ruin a civil conversation.

Renee Miller,
Creative Writer,
Jonathan Wong,

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