Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Are Never Too Big to Be Protected

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You built your company from the ground up and have ensured that it is protected with the best security that money can buy. Its impenetrable neither hacker or rival dare cross your defense. But what about you reputation how protected is that.

The bigger the company the harder the fall, the bigger the company the more shots it will take from rivals and competitors that want to see it fall and hackers who want to prove that no company can be too protected. Part of what makes your business successful is the ability to fight off attacks from various sources that want to do harm and want to destroy you. By defending your company you are building stability and creating a blueprint for future business owners who want to model their business after yours. But what you didn't show them is how to defend the very thing that means just as much as the bottom line on your balance sheet, your reputation. No matter how big and successful your business is you must make sure that your company is mentioned in the most uplifting and positive way possible. While one may think that if they are making profit and out doing quarterly predictions that they should care less about what someone is saying about them and in some instances this is true. If it is your rival you really shouldn't pay too much attention to what they are saying anyway, one reason is they can only say but so much before it starts to creep up on slander territory which is going to open up a whole other can of worms. But if your customer is talking about your business and it's not anything nice then you have a problem that needs to be solved quickly. Often times people tend to go to others for information about a company that they plan on doing business with, as a owner you want that customer to only say the most positive things about you that is going to have her friend running to do business with you. 

If she says some bad things about you you can cross two customers off your list and count on crossing more off. Word of mouth can be very damaging if it is negative, same can be said with online searches and Social Media. If your profile is not right on the internet you are seriously going to fall hard. Your reputation online is your introduction to your global customers and if they see that your domestic customers are not happy then how can you possibly make customers even farther away happy. How you can go about ensuring that you are maintaining a positive online profile is having an in house PR or marketing team that can monitor your satisfaction levels amongst your customers. If you would rather hire a firm from the outside then Centel Media™ should be your first choice.  Centel Media™ makes sure your business will keep a positive online profile even on Social Media as well as monitor any attacks against your company's reputation. No matter how big you get always keep in mind that the harder your fall will be if you do not take care of your reputation. 

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