Friday, July 12, 2013

Somebody Stop Me!!

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Hello, I am a negative comment that will soon grow into a major problem. What is that problem? You ask. Well, it is a negative reputation for this particular business that will spread all over the internet and onto socialmedia. I mean who knows I might even get into the newspaper; they always say any publicity is good publicity so here I am ready to rock and roll.

I wasn't always this big I started out small ,very small in fact I wasn't supposed to be here but I was never taken care of, the owner knew I existed but he took the wait and see approach. So as time progressed I got bigger and bigger but it wasn't just me by myself no sir, I soon found out I had cousins and relatives that came from all over the world in the shape of a negative comments.

You see us negative comments are sort of like a plague and if you don't kill us fast enough we keep growing and growing until well we feel like we want to stop. But this particular business owner is so fun he doesn't mind us, at least that is what I think or else he would have already done something by this time. It is getting late in the game and I am past the point of being a negative comment. I'm getting ready to transform into something no business owner wants on his hand.

You know as I sit here ruining this business's reputation I can't help but wonder why would he let me do this? I mean does he not care about his profit that he is losing, the market share he is giving up or the people he is going to have to lay off when he realizes he is not making the money anymore to keep them. But what do I know.

All of a sudden I see some changes and they are not looking good for me. Online reputation management has been seen getting rid of some of my friends and family and it is making me very uncomfortable I must say. I see the owner has come to his senses and started to make some changes, it is never too late to get rid of me. He must keep in mind the work he has to do to build his reputation back up will be very hard. I have had an effect on everything he does and if he wants to make sure that I am completely gone he needs to make sure that he takes the proper precautions.

Hire a reputable firm like Centel Media™ that will make sure I have left no traces of negativity when you are being searched online or on social media. Well I thought I would last forever but someone tipped this guy off about getting help and now I am about to be history. My purpose was to teach a lesson never rest on your laurels when it comes to protecting your business.

Negative rumors spread far and wide and it up to you to stop them in their tracks before they destroy your business.

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