Thursday, August 1, 2013

Webpage Design: What Catches the Eye?

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For those who are just starting to branch out into webpage design for personal or business related interests, then you need to understand the importance of your page's appearance to the visitor's eye. It would take ages just to look through all the half-finished, abandoned webpages across the Internet, most of which lacked in design and didn't go the extra lengths to make their page intriguing. To take your page to the next level, you must look at it through an outsider's perspective, keep it organized and seek out the right appearance for your content with a unique angle that differentiates your page from the thousands that are similar.

The majority of hits a webpage gets are through links from outside sources like search engines. Once a visitor clicks on your page, the next few seconds will determine that person's opinion of your webpage. The loading time and initial appearance are the two factors that you must be aware of. Do what you can to reduce your page's loading time and try to include relevant content and graphics that entice the interests of your visitors. Dull coloring and disorganized content can be the reason your visitors won't return.

So, what type of appearance will help give your page a boost? Well, this ultimately depends on what your page is about, however, there are a few universal constants that separate the well-formed pages from the sloppy. If you care about your page, then you should also care about the professional feel your page gives off. Make all your links and other important information accessible and easy to find. Don't force your visitors to scroll down a long webpage, keep it concise, to the point and clear for everyone to understand.

You should always seek ways to generate a theme for your webpage and base it off your personality (if the page is for personal reasons) or the topic at hand. If your webpage is about a topic that is widely covered across the Internet already, then you need to strive for a unique element that can make your page one-of-a-kind. A page with exclusive content or personality will get people to rely on your material and thus give them a reason to keep visiting.

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