Monday, June 17, 2013

Its Just Words They Can't Really Hurt

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We have all heard the various sayings growing up about words and if they can hurt you or not. While they may not hurt you personally, words can have an immense effect on your business.

Words can have a varying impact depending on who you ask, some may say words mean nothing to them and it is all about the action. Then you have those who feel words mean a lot and have the ability to change a persons opinion of something which can have a big effect. As a business owner it can be universally agreed that the words that are matched with your company should be in a positive light. Customers should never want to mutter anything negative about your company because you are providing them with the best product and customer service that there is. But what do you do when that is not the case and instead of good things being said about your company you come to find out that you do have some people saying negative things about you. How do you go about fixing your once positive reputation that now has a couple of blemishes on it. The first thing that may come to mind is defending yourself by responding back to those who have said negative things about you. While this may seem to be the way to solve your problem it is the worse thing you can do. Responding personally on any forum or comment section is a great way to devalue your brand and further create problems for your business. By responding you are inviting yourself to go back and forth with someone who might not even know what your business is but just enjoys the feeling of being on control. In fact most people who troll or leave negative comments about your business are not disgruntled customers but people who just enjoy trying to make your life miserable. But don't get it wrong you most likely will come across unsatisfied customers but those that are truly unsatisfied are more likely to call customer service to complain rather than some anonymous forum.

So what do you do when the negative bus is packed and the wheels are in motion. I have already explained one way of dealing with it and that one should be the last way of dealing with it. Another way is letting the bad press just blow over. While this one is better than the first the results are not that different, if you don't respond it makes you look like you don't care about your business and when your customers see that they will slowly start to look for other places for their business. The most effective way of dealing with a negative reputation is to hire a Reputation Management firm. A company like Centel Media™ would be perfect for your business and restoring its reputation. Centel Media™ ensures that anytime you are searched on any search engine only the most positive results show up first, giving existing customers and potential customers a piece of mind. When they choose to do business with you they are dealing with the absolute best.

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